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Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation: Book Review

December 1, 2014 | Mushroom Cultivation, Mushrooms, Publications, Resources | 2 comments | Author:

Wow, this book is a cracker. Friendly, in-depth knowledge at its best. Written by US mycologist and dedicated home-scale mushroom cultivator Tradd Cotter, it’s a great blend of practical cultivation how-tos, fungi ID and strategies for mycoremediation. Organic Mushroom Farming … Continued

Good book: Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers

November 6, 2012 | Farming, Gardening, Market Garden, Publications, Resources | 6 comments | Author:

If you’re looking for a good resource on the actual practicalities of taking on market gardening, get a copy of this book. It’s full of deeply practical insights and uses multiple small-scale, successful vegetable growers direct experiences as templates for … Continued

New Book: Farm Anatomy, in all its splendour

July 20, 2012 | Art, Publications | 8 comments | Author:

This is such a beautiful book – perfect for those dreaming of farming (on whatever scale). While it’s been written for adults, I’ve discovered it’s also a great book for small fry – full of fun, accurate illustrations about interesting … Continued

The Greenhorns: New Book + Resources

July 12, 2012 | Farming, Publications, Resources, Small Farm Skills | 15 comments | Author:

The Greenhorns: 50 dispatches from the new farmers movement is a collection of 50 essays by beginner farmers, and sits as a companion to The Greenhorns documentary. I seriously enjoyed this book more than anything I’ve read in a long … Continued

A quick scan of our Permaculture Bookshelf

January 29, 2012 | Permaculture, Permaculture Design, Resources | 10 comments | Author:

Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture are fortunately two fields that have lots of great resources. Books, DVDs, you name it. But where do you start? Which to read first? I thought I’d share our most-thumbed favorites. We have this crate of … Continued

Natural Beekeeping Resources: best books

December 21, 2011 | Beekeeping, Natural Beekeeping, Resources | 12 comments | Author:

The super-organism of the honeybee (apis mellifera) is not only awe-inspiring, it’s worth understanding. Both for your own personal gratification, and for the pollination of your nation. This list is a part of the notes we provide to students at … Continued

Eliot Coleman’s ‘Fertile Dozen': Recommended reading for organic growers

December 9, 2011 | Farming, Gardening, Market Garden, Publications, Resources | 18 comments | Author:

This list of books by organic market garden expert Eliot Coleman was given to us by the Allsun Farm crew. Apparently these are the 12 books that most influenced Eliot during his transition from school teacher to organic market gardener … Continued

Folks, This Aint Normal: Joel Salatin: Book Review

October 11, 2011 | Farming, Publications, Resources | 14 comments | Author:

So here we have it. Folks, this ain’t normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World. At last, after 7 self-published books on everything from ground-breaking poultry systems to inter-generational farming strategies, Joel Salatin has … Continued

Food Forest Garden: Books and Resources

October 1, 2011 | Forest Gardening, Publications, Resources | 10 comments | Author:

Here’s a bunch of Forest Garden books and resources we’ve put together for the students of our Food Forest Garden workshops. There is so very much to learn, read, think about and absorb here! And it’s all incredibly useful and … Continued

Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture: Book Review

August 27, 2011 | Education, Farming, Forest Gardening, Publications, Resources, Silviculture | 9 comments | Author:

Perennials, perennials, perennials. It’s all about perennials. Throw a stick near anyone enthused about permaculture or regenerative agriculture and they’ll squeak ‘perennials’ before they even duck. This book is a very old, very readable, and very good edition to any … Continued

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