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Earthbag Dome Completo

November 20, 2012 | Building, Natural Building | 11 comments | Author:

Rose has moved into the Earthbag Dome at Milkwood Farm and we can now report that it works. There’s the woodstove to stoke up on cold nights, and the rest of the time it’s a very quiet, very temperature-stable bedroom, … Continued

Up-cycled door for the Earthbag Dome

November 7, 2012 | Building, Natural Building | 16 comments | Author:

No-one knows how old this door is – it came off a shed that pre-dates Nick’s family taking over this farm… bet you its maker never imagined that it would wind up keeping the wind out of a earthbag dome, … Continued

Earthbag dome: getting it done…

September 9, 2012 | Building, Natural Building | 7 comments | Author:

The deal with Rose the permachef returning to Milkwood Farm this Spring is this: apon her return (which is imminent) she will move into the completed (ok nearly) earthbag dome, ensuring her personal seclusion and wood-fired comfort for the coming … Continued

Building an earthbag wicking bed garden…

May 20, 2012 | Appropriate Technology, Building, Community Projects, Gardening, Natural Building, Off-Farm goings on, Urban Permaculture, Vegetable Gardening | 17 comments | Author:

Earthbags are a great idea for building raised garden bed surrounds because of their simplicity and their strength. Recently Nick led a community workshop to transform a townhouse patio into an edible landscape, with earthbag surrounds for a set of … Continued

Earthbag bench building workshop: 6th May, Sydney

April 30, 2012 | Community Projects, Off-Farm goings on | 9 comments | Author:

This Sunday Nick is leading a free earthbag bench building workshop as part of National Permaculture Day in Sydney. Do you want to come along? Earthbag is a really excellent, low-impact building technique used for building strong, solid structures; be … Continued

Rendering our Earthbag dome… first coat (bring on the cow poo)

April 3, 2012 | Appropriate Technology, Building, Natural Building | 10 comments | Author:

While I have heard from multiple sources that cow poo is a fine and admirable structural component for cob render mix, I never thought we’d try it. But thanks to Harris, we have finally given the Earthbag dome we started … Continued

DIY EarthBag Dome: building the foundations

May 25, 2011 | Building, Natural Building | 3 comments | Author:

This is the first post in a series explaining how we built our very first earthbag dome at Milkwood Farm. Earthbag is a natural building technique that uses bags of earth to build structures that have incredible tensile strength and … Continued

Earthbag dome, happy home

May 2, 2011 | Building, Courses + Workshops, Natural Building | 15 comments | Author:

A couple of months ago we had the opportunity to build an earthbag dome at Milkwood Farm, and run a workshop while we built it. We jumped at the chance. We’d always wanted to try earthbag building, but where do … Continued

EarthBag Building Workshop at Milkwood Farm

January 17, 2011 | Building, Courses + Workshops, Natural Building | 5 comments | Author:

The idea that you can build a structurally strong house with nothing more complicated than a bunch of bags, earth, clay and lime, plus some basic on-farm materials and plenty of hands on deck is pretty exciting for a lot … Continued

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