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Recipes from Rose: the Best Potato Salad Ever + the House Cookie Mix

December 2, 2012 | Cooking | 17 comments | Author:

Yes, I do realise that is a big call, because potato salads can get pretty good. Whether it was the combo of 100% home-grown veggies or the home-made ricotta on top, i don’t care. This is the most rocking potato … Continued

Impossible delicious: Sourdough Spelt Croissants

October 2, 2012 | Cooking | 20 comments | Author:

Yes, you heard that right. Croissants made on sourdough starter (ie no yeast), using white spelt flour. It’s possible! And what is more, they’re ridiculously delish. Rose made these at Milkwood Farm during a quiet week recently, and they were … Continued

New beginnings in the Milkwood market garden

July 30, 2012 | Farming, Gardening, Market Garden | 8 comments | Author:

As spring slowly creeps towards us, things are stirring in the market garden… time to introduce our new Market Gardener, and plant field peas! Enter Michael Hewins, who, after joining us as a very experienced wwoofer for some months last … Continued

Making Labneh (yoghurt cheese balls) with Nadia

July 6, 2012 | Fermenting, Food, Food & Fermentation, Preserving | 20 comments | Author:

Labneh is a very easy to make and tasty cheese made of strained yoghurt, that can be stored in a jar of olive oil on the shelf. Cheese meets yoghurt meets olive oil meets extends shelf life (without refrigeration). And … Continued

Farmstead Meatsmith: Meat Cookery (an e-book)

June 24, 2012 | Cooking, Education, Farming, Food, Publications, Resources | 11 comments | Author:

Calling all meat eaters who are curious and committed to learning how to cook all parts of an animal in the name of ethics (produce no waste), flavor and, most importantly, adventure: Farmstead Meatsmith are writing a book on how … Continued

Urine, Peak Phosphorous and on-farm Nutrient Cycling

June 20, 2012 | Appropriate Technology, Humanure, Nutrient Cycling | 27 comments | Author:

So it turns out that when we go to the toilet, each of us ‘produces’ nearly 80% of the nutrients we need to grow our food. That’s quite something. If you take hold of that concept, it really does make … Continued

Aquaponics Workshops in Sydney: aiming to truly close the loop

June 18, 2012 | Appropriate Technology, Aquaponics, Courses + Workshops, Nutrient Cycling, Small Farm Skills, Urban Permaculture | 10 comments | Author:

Just a quick note that we’ve scheduled some spring Aquaponics Workshops in Sydney, which are 2 days of intensive aquaponics how-to and why-to. While the basics of Aquaponics can be quite simple, there’s a lot of ways to do it … Continued

Interview with Nick Ritar about Glass Gem Corn

May 18, 2012 | Seed Saving | 6 comments | Author:

Yesterday  Nick got interviewed about that viral image of Glass Gem Corn, and why the response has been so great: “When you first look at that photo it is beautiful, then there’s a realisation for people where it clicks: “That’s … Continued

How to romance your feijoa

May 9, 2012 | Forest Gardening | 22 comments | Author:

There is nothing quite like a feijoa – they are simply the most amazing fruit. Fragrant, pungent, sweet yet sour, gooey in the middle and grainy round the edges. The original yum in a small green torpedo. They also tend … Continued

The dark and the light: eating different honeycombs as part of natural beekeeping

April 15, 2012 | Beekeeping, Food, Natural Beekeeping | 11 comments | Author:

Once you start natural beekeeping you’ll soon be introduced to eating brood honeycomb – comb that has had baby bees (brood) go through it, and now contains honey. In many traditional cultures, this dark honeycomb is the most sought after … Continued

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