Milkwood: Arrival


Kirsten, Nick and Peow the cat leave their comfortable life in coffee-soaked Melbourne for an adventure in sustainability in the Great Dividing Range of NSW, Australia

Ta DAAAAAA – its our first video post. The idea is for these to appear weekly, and to cover all the bits and pieces involved with life at Milkwood. Be very keen to hear what y’all think – its our first foray into this type of thing…

Post-permaculture design course debrief

web of life exercise - a forest.. sortof.. I've spent the past week attempting to re-enter the world as i know it with a head chock-full of knowledge about permaculture. This has occurred following a two-week course (the Permaculture Design Certificate) at Aldinga Eco Village (well not actually IN Aldinga but at the caravan park nearby… long story) in South Australia.

The plan was that, since Nick is still working in his high office building until christmas, I would head off and do a PDC in order to get my head around Permaculture principles in readiness for our move…

I chose this particular course because it was being taught by Geoff Lawton , who, in addition to running the Permaculture Research Institute , is apparently the gun on arid and semi-arid environments, and how to get them regenerating in a matter of months. yup, months. I was ready to learn that trick…. 

Farmyard Farewell

Farmyard Farewell When you've been planning big changes for a while they seem to take an eternity to actually happen. It feels like we have been preparing to leave Melbourne for years and although we love this place and its people, the day we leave has felt like an age away.

Well, all that has all changed in the last few weeks, I have all but finished up at my high rise job, we've booked the movers and this last weekend we invited a bunch of friends for a farewell farmyard BBQ. The big day is rushing towards us and we are being swept in the details of turning our lives upside down.

There is still so much to do, the development application for our studio is now in the hands of the local authorities, but the application for permissions for our bridge are still a way off.