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Fermentation Workshop

July 26th, 2015 ( 10:00 am - 4:00 pm )

Sydney, 107 Rooftop Garden

Update: Bookings for this course have now closed. Click here to find any Fermentation Workshop courses we have scheduled.
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Join us for a delicious day of hands-on fermenting – you’ll learn how to make everything from krauts to kombucha and kefir too, and we’ll send you off with everything you need to get fermenting at home.

Take one look around your kitchen and you’ll find pre-fermented foods in nearly every cupboard. Pickles, sourdough, cheese, yoghurt, kimchi, sour cream, miso as well as beer and wine.

Have you ever thought of making these from scratch but have no idea where to start?

Well, wonder no more! We invite you to join us for a hands-on day of skilling up in all things fermented, taught by friendly experts to ensure your future fermenting success.

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In this workshop you will learn all about:

– Sauerkraut
– Brine ferments
– Dill Pickles
– Milk kefir
– Tibicos (sometimes called water kefir)
– Rejuvelac
– Kombucha

This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your apron and prepare to get messy.

Throughout the day you’ll also be tasting all sorts of other delicious and varied ferments from the four corners of the globe.

You will leave this workshop with:

The knowledge and confidence to go home and get fermenting. You’ll also have a new appreciation of the role that probiotic foods and drinks can play in a nutritious and delicious diet.

A starter pack of scobies (kombucha + kefir) so that you can go straight home and get going. You’ll also leave with jars of the ferments you’ve make in class, as well as a host of great recipes.


About your teacher:

Gillian Kozicki of Cultured Artisans is a fabulous home-scale fermenter who first started fermenting in an effort to tackle emerging health concerns some years ago.

These days she’s got more energy than a twice-fermented bottle of peach tibicos, and is the perfect person to lead you through the basics of fermentation so you go home confident and ready to make your own.

What to bring:

Bring a pen and notepad, apron and, if you wish, your favourite chopping knife. We’ll provide everything else.

About the venue

This course will be held in the workshop space adjoining the 107 Rooftop Garden in Redfern, Sydney.

The 107 Rooftop Garden is an inner-city food system full of vertical gardens, intensive veggie beds, aquaponics, beehives, dappled shady nooks and lots of hands-on opportunities to learn and grow good things. More about the venue here…

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Update: Bookings for this course have now closed. Click here to find any Fermentation Workshop courses we have scheduled.

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