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Thinking of getting chickens for the first time? Excellent! Chickens can make wonderfully productive pets. This free guide will tell you the things you must know to ensure a happy and healthy flock – and loads of eggs!

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Chickens are possibly one of the most under-rated backyard pets. They are friendly, hugely entertaining, affectionate and playful. They have truly individual personalities and are just so loveable, once you get to know them.

Chickens can make wonderfully productive pets, but there’s a few things you must know to ensure a happy and healthy flock – and loads of eggs!

To ensure your success, we’ve created a free PDF guide plus a 12 minute video how-to – full of super-useful info including:

  • How to choose the right breed of chicken for your place
  • What kind of coop and day yards you should consider
  • Excellent DIY feeding and watering options
  • How to prevent pests and disease, naturally
  • Troubleshooting common chicken problems
    lots, lots more resources + tips

So grab your free resources, and get started … we’re happy to answer your questions, too – supporting folks to learn new skills is what we do!