Here’s our best resources on all things related to permaculture design and whole-systems thinking.

Forage below for designs, processes and resources for creating everything from forest gardens and solar-passive houses to water harvesting systems and urban rooftop edible gardens.

Natural Dyeing

Join us for a day exploring the natural essence of colour and of cloth, with natural plant dyes, silk and cotton. Learn four different dyeing traditions + techniques, and go home inspired and ready to make your own explorations through colour with natural dyes.

Permaculture Design: The Patch From Scratch, Sydney

So how do you design a patch from scratch with Permaculture Design? Here’s a breakdown of the backyard permaculture design Nick did for Organic Gardener Magazine’s ‘Patch From Scratch’ project. There’s not many things more iconic that the Aussie suburban backyard – hills hoist, kids under the sprinkler… But do you know what’s even better?…

New Books: The Art of Natural Cheesemaking + The Community Scale Permaculture Farm

Two different books with the same ethos are on our coffee table at the moment: The Art of Natural Cheesemaking + The Community Scale Permaculture Farm. They’re both books written by passionate doers who have gone against the flow and done things their way, with stellar results. Food for the mind and soul. With bonus…