Learn about the life cycle of the Queendom of Fungi…

Ready to get your head around how mushrooms make more mushrooms? This free guide will give you deeper knowledge on the sex life of fungi – it’s utterly fascinating…

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Whether you just love mushrooms or want to try growing your own mushrooms at home, learning about the life cycle of fungi is a fantastic way to get to know your ecosystem a little better.

What’s inside this guide:

  • The whole life cycle of wood-loving macro-fungi, from mushroom back around to mushroom.
  • How fungi are different from plants – and actually are a lot more like animals (this includes you!).
  • How fungi establish themselves, and how you can help make this happen in your garden.
  • All about spores and how they work in your garden ecosystem to help create abundance.
  • How the shape of different mushrooms influences how they reproduce (and why it helps to know this).
  • + so many amazing fungi facts that will blow your mind…

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