Learn low-waste mushroom growing … and mushroom foraging, too

Here’s two free downloadable guides AND a how-to video for you – to get you started with growing edible mushrooms in reusable buckets, as well as foraging wild fungi near you.

Oyster mushrooms are easy to grow in buckets - learn mushroom cultivation now to grow your own.

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Learning how to grow mushrooms from scratch and forage wild edible fungi is a little bit like learning a magic trick. And yet, once you have the basic skills and principles sorted, it’s really very doable.

So, inside these two guides, you will learn:

  • How to identify wild fungi – remember, don’t ever eat a mushroom that you are not absolutely sure is an edible species.
  • Where to find help with wild mushroom identification, if you’re stumped.
  • The exact fungi foraging tools you’ll need to take with you.
  • Our 8-step oyster mushroom cultivation process – to get you going with growing your own edible mushies at home.
  • Plus, you’ll get access to a 20-minute video giving you even more information and resources to work with.

So grab your free resources, settle in to watch the instructional video, and off you go.

All the best with your adventures, and may the mycelium be with you…

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