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Whether you just love mushrooms or want to grow tasty and medicinal mushrooms at home… this free video-based mini-course will deepen your knowledge, and skill you up…

Inside this 3-part mini-course, you will learn:

  • How fungi are crucial to our ecosystems and are essential to life, in all the inter-connected ways. You’re basically family!
  • About the whole life cycle of macro-fungi, (the mushroom-producing ones) and what this means for learning how to grow mushrooms yourself.
  • How the shape of different mushrooms influences how they reproduce (and why it helps to know this).
  • The best pathway to successful home mushroom cultivation, using spores vs spawn.
  • Extra downloadable guides, and a mushroom eBook to keep.

The Milkwood Mushrooms Mini-Course is free, but registration is required. Once you sign up, we’ll send you Part 1 of the course.

… we’re happy to answer your questions as you go, too – supporting folks to learn new skills is what we do!