Permaculture Living: 7 ways to get started, at your place

Interested in permaculture, but unsure where to begin? These 7 climate-positive actions will get you going today – boosting your home and community resilience, and making you feel darn good, too.

Nick, Kirsten and Ash of Milkwood - permaculture living

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This free guide will teach you simple yet effective actions that are doable wherever you live in the world – and whether you have a backyard veggie patch or no garden at all.

What’s inside this guide:

  • How to pickle and ferment all kinds of veggies – yum!
  • Easy ways to start swapping and sharing with your community.
  • Growing sprouts, microgreens and herbs for increased nutrition and resilience.
  • Conscious spending and how to ‘vote with your dollar’ for a better world.
  • Harvesting rainwater – even if you’re in a small space or rental.
  • Connecting with Traditional Owners of the land upon which you live.
  • + how these actions are underpinned by permaculture

These are all local, home-based skills – but they’re revolutionary acts also. Because, to change this world of ours for the better, we all need to gather ourselves first, and then work out from there.

So grab your free resources, and get started … we’re happy to answer your questions, too – supporting folks to learn new skills is what we do!