Dinosaur stomps in the kitchen garden

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Despite telling everyone in earshot (frequently) that he’s Ashar Tyranna (and therefore a meat eating dinosaur), negotiations have been made to revert to being a brontosaurus at mealtimes, for the sake of ensuring salad consumption. It works sometimes. Everyone else … Continued

seperating chives for planting

A Permaculture Kitchen Garden for LoveGrub

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[caption id="attachment_1157" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Lovely lettuce seedlings. Soon to be in LoveGrub sandwiches! "][/caption]

Around the corner from the community center where we run our Sydney courses is a funky and friendly little cafe called LoveGrub. Down the side of LoveGrub lies a little strip of dirt which the cafe have claimed as their garden. One day LoveGrub asked us “erm, don’t suppose you could turn our little garden into a happening thing, could you?”