Making a Caterpillar Necklace

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So we have these great fuzzy caterpillars in the forest garden who occasionally get together and go journeying in a long, fuzzy line. We happened to be in the forest garden during one such sojourn, and Nick decided to do … Continued

P-culture. Ya dig?

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“Some call it permaculture, we prefer p-culture… ya dig? p-culture, starring the wonderful Miss Tasia Zalar, is a series of 10 segments designed to get youthful peeps actively involved in reducing their impact on the environment.” Great! Bring on the … Continued

Permaculture Pioneers: Book review

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Permaculture Pioneers is a new book looking at the trajectory of permaculture in Australia from the 1970’s until right now. It’s an amazing and humbling read. And it’s launching in Sydney next week on August 25th, with David Holmgren presenting. … Continued