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Spring Permaculture Design Course wrap…

November 17, 2013 | Courses + Workshops, Permaculture, Permaculture Design | 5 comments | Author:

PDC 195

At Milkwood Farm we’re just recovering currently from the intensive learning, laughing and washing up of having nearly 40 fine folk on-farm for two weeks.

Here’s the short version of it all in pictures…

PDC 196

PDC 197

PDC 198

PDC 199

PDC 201

PDC 203

PDC 204

PDC 205

PDC 208

PDC 210

PDC 211

PDC 212

PDC 213

PDC 214

PDC 215

PDC 216

Yet again, we have been honoured to steward an amazing bunch of people through two weeks of holistic thinking and designing, that we know will impact their future lives, families and communities in ways that we can’t even imagine yet. In a good way.

Thanks to you all.

And triple-storey huzzah’s with preservative free organic merlot on top to the amazing Milkwood crew who made it all happen:  Nick, Gigi, Floyd, Danni, Heather, Michael, Trev and (briefly) Meika + Felipe + Steven!

May all your carrots grow long and straight, your children rise up and call you blessed, and may we all leave a better world than we found.

Our next on-farm Permaculture Design Certificate is happening in March 2014, so if you’d like to join us, come on down… OR there’s also our fabulous Urban PDC coming up fast in January. Bring on the learning!

PDC 217

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  • Thom Foote

    I don’t know how much time you spent on the subject but as a PDC in the Spokane area, and being 65 yrs old, I have been thinking much more lately about aging and permaculture and more specifically about desiging with the elderly in mind. I think this is a subset of permaculture design that needs more attention given to it. There are a lot of “boomers” like us who are looking at our 80’s and trying to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to allow us to grow easily into our 80’s and beyond.

    • milkwoodkirsten

      Thom we spend a lot of time in the design process defining the context and goals of the design… if designing for the 3rd + 4th age is part of the client’s goals, then that’s the context to be designed for…

  • Thom Foote

    Cool. That was what I hoped for in the course. Thanks.

  • Alena

    Great post Kristin, and awesome pictures, thanks for the amazing experience – unforgettable and life-changing (hopefully for others as well as us in the long term). We’ll be back!

  • Bron Lucas

    Hello good folk living on Milkwood and to my fellow participants of the Oct-Nov 2013 PDC. Well my life will be changing as a result of this wonderful course as good friends, after hearing the passion and knowledge I brought back from the course, have donated land on their property for me to use to turn permaculture practices into reality. I plan to document the whole wonderful process through my Observation Diaries and photos. In this way I hope to have some sort of positive influence on my fellow community members. It wont happen over night but IT WILL HAPPEN. Bron

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