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A garden full of organic veggies, a healthy home full of sunlight and low energy costs. A family full of busy hands deep in new projects; notebooks and seedpods on the kitchen table. Muddy boots at your back door, a nourishing soup simmering on the stove, and a community around you that you can rely on when it’s a bad day.

Sound good? Let’s make that happen…

First up, what is permaculture?

What is permaculture? Nick and Kirsten explain...

In its essence, Permaculture is a framework for ecological living in the 21st Century.

You can use permaculture thinking and design to make your life truly excellent and earthy, connected to nature and community – no matter where you live.

Are you living in an inner city apartment? Or on a faraway farm? It doesn’t matter. Permaculture ethics, design and skills can be utilized anywhere, to make life better.

You can use permaculture design to devise ways to drastically lower your carbon footprint, create community, design your business, plan your resilient dream home and garden, and so much more.

By observing and learning from nature, and by applying basic permaculture design principles, you can create a life and community that thrives – all while making significant, climate-positive changes that will benefit many generations to come, and our planet, too.

Explore hundreds of articles on all things permaculture…

Alrighty – so we have literally hundreds of useful articles for you to delve into (we’ve been doing this since 2006, after all).

BUT! We recommend you start with our top 5 articles on permaculture living, design and doing. These will give you a taste of the concepts, ideas and projects that you can get stuck into as you begin creating a climate-positive permaculture life.

Our top 5 permaculture articles:

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The Milkwood book

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Nick Ritar, David Holmgren and Kirsten Bradley.

Join our online Permaculture Living course

Learn with the co-originator of permaculture, David Holmgren! Our 12-week Permaculture Living course will help you make a better life – for you, your ecosystem and for our planet, too. You’ll learn the permaculture principles from Dave, and how to apply them in big-picture thinking and everyday design.

Then, Milkwood founders Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar will show you hands-on ways to use these principles – arming you with practical, doable actions and skills that are perfect for your everyday life, while having a positive impact on the planet.

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Get ready to learn everything you need to know – to successfully grow a wide range of organic AND waste-free edible & medicinal mushrooms, at your place.

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