Free intro courses…

Mushrooms starter guide

Mushrooms Starter Guide

Online • Download immediately

This free guide introduces you to the essential steps for growing mushrooms at home, our three favourite low-waste ways – in buckets, on logs and in your garden.

Permaculture Starter Guide

Permaculture Starter Guide

Online • Download immediately

This free guide introduces you to permaculture living – via seven climate-positive actions you can start right now, wherever you live in the world.

Mushrooms Mini-Course

Mushrooms Mini-Course

Online • Start immediately

This free short course will help you understand the fascinating world of fungi – and what you need to know to start growing mushrooms at home.

Fully mentored online courses…

Permaculture Living online course 1

Permaculture Living Course

Online • Next class begins 20 March 2023

This self-paced, 12-week course will give you all the hands-on skills you need – to cultivate abundance, increase your household’s resilience, save money AND bring lots of climate-positive actions into your everyday… no garden required!

Home Mushroom Cultivation online course - Milkwood

Home Mushroom Cultivation Course

Online • Next class begins 20th February 2023

Get ready to learn everything you need to know – to successfully grow a wide range of organic AND waste-free edible & medicinal mushrooms, at your place – on cardboard, in buckets, and logs and gardens too. This is a self-paced and fully mentored 8 week course to get you growing.

Organic Vegetable Gardening online course - Milkwood - coming soon 1

Organic Vegetable Gardening Course

Coming soon! • First class starting early 2023

Ready to grow a thriving veggie patch, full of delicious and healthy produce? This *brand new* online course will cover everything from garden design to planting, watering and more.

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Past Milkwood courses…

We’ve been teaching skills for sustainable living for 15+ years.

We’ve led face-to-face courses and workshops on everything from regenerative agriculture, natural building, warré beekeeping and organic veggie gardening to fermentation, cheesemaking and our full Permaculture Design Certificate.

From 2007 to 2019, we stewarded more than 8,500 happy students through SO MANY amazing courses held at various locations across Australia – and it was such an honour.

More recently, our focus has turned to online courses – to ensure these important skills and knowledge can be more accessible to all types of folks, all over the world. But, if you like, you can learn more about our past face-to-face courses here.