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Gleaning as Community Support + Strategy

The act of gleaning - taking the leftovers of a crop from the field, once the harvesters had been through - is an age old tradition. In times gone Read More

The Weekly Round Up

This week, with Summer coming on hard where we are, I've been thinking + reading about water and savvy ways to use it - a lot. As renters, our options Read More

Stingless Bees on the Rooftop

We're loving having a stingless beehive homed within the 107 Rooftop garden - aside from the pollination support for our garden's veggies, its a bit Read More

Community Feast at 107 Rooftop Garden

Coming up on the 12th December, the crew at Cake Wines are holding a community feast at the 107 Rooftop Garden - and it's open to all. As 'the gardene Read More

Mushroom Cultivation: Making Grain Spawn

Making grain spawn is a stage of mushroom cultivation the whole family can get into - there's a job for everyone. This stage of the mushroom cultivati Read More

The Weekly Round Up

Whew! It's hot where we are. But we have peaches, so it's not all bad. Also mushrooms, and a bunch of other amazing new things to read and do and&hell Read More