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27 Life Hacks for Permaculture Living

Want to design a better, earthier and more rewarding life with permaculture? Solutions-based thinking is not just for big design projects. Permacultur   Read More

Foraging + Using Turkeytail Mushrooms – Trametes Versicolour

All hail the turkeytail! No matter where you live in the world, this medicinal mushroom lives nearby. Indigenous to all continents except Antarctica,   Read More

10 Days without a phone. Also, Barnacles…

When I was little, I was really into barnacles. Yes, actual barnacles - the ones on the rock shelf at low tide. I lived by the beach, so I visited&hel   Read More

Winter: Feijoa harvests + bioluminescent mushrooms

The dams are full and the soft green winter grass in the orchard has returned. There's been feijoa harvests by day and bioluminescent mushrooms by nig   Read More

Food Co-ops + Collectives: 3 models of community food system

Starting a community food co-op or collective can begin with something as simple as a shared cup of tea, and a question. How can we access great quali   Read More

Planting a Three Sisters Garden: stacking in space and time

This year we finally got a chance to try out a three sisters garden planting -  maize, beans and squash, growing symbiotically. It was an awesome suc   Read More