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Beeswax DIY: making beeswax wraps + how to render your own w

Beeswax is one of our favourite gifts from the hive - and perfect for making your own beeswax wraps. At this gifting time of year, no-waste, home made   Read More

The Right to Roam: tips for first-time foragers

The food is all around us. It’s under our feet, along the path edges and next to the highway. It’s in the sand dunes, all over our favourite park   Read More

Growing Great Tomatoes: Planting ’em Out

Growing great tomatoes is a skill available to just about anyone. But there are a few tricks to getting things right, including the planting out stage   Read More

Natural Beekeeping: a Principles Based Approach

Chapter three in Milkwood is all about Natural Beekeeping, and how you can use a principles-based approach to keep bees at home, safe and well, in a   Read More

Making Wildwood Tea

Wildwood tea is, in its essence, as individual and as unique as each household that makes it. It's an expression of place, in a teapot. A warm hug, fr   Read More

Milkwood Book events: September (all of them!)

The Milkwood book tour is off and running - and we're all over the place, from Brisbane to Melbourne. Join us at a free mushroom demo, an intimate aut   Read More