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Making Tempeh – as food, and village revitalisation

While I was travelling in Java recently on a design exchange, I became very good friends with Tempeh. We even learned to make it - village style. Ever Read More

Natural Beekeeping: Beekeeping with Small Children

A backyard full of kids toys, chickens, veggies and bees is one kind of backyard that we love. Kids and bees, though. Can they happily co-habit? The a Read More

Making Seaweed Fertilizer: with added Nettles, Comfrey and B

If you live near the coast, seaweed can be a fantastic resource to forage for fertilizing your garden. There's lots of easy ways to use it to increase Read More

Natural Building: Deciding which Method to use for Walls

The range of different natural building techniques out there are many, and all of them are exciting. But when to use which technique? Here's a starti Read More

Permaculture Futures: Linda Machon, Organic Farmer

The future of small scale organic farming belongs to those who are willing to find a way to grow, regardless of where they begin from. Linda Machon is Read More

Keeping Backyard Quails: Efficient Home-Grown Protein

If you're wanting home-grown eggs but don't have quite enough room for chickens, keeping backyard quails are a super option - they're easy care, lay Read More