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A Summer Permaculture Design Certificate in pictures…

Two whole weeks of permaculture design is quite an immersion. It's 14 days of new knowledge, new friends, new ideas, new skills, and a bunch of 'oh ye Read More

Making Lilli Pilli Gin: and muffins, and cordial, and chutne

When street trees are also highly delicious. Bring on the lilli pilly everything. Where we live on the south coast of NSW, lilli pilli's are just abou Read More

On Voluntary Simplicity, and Frugality

I think we got lost for a little bit there... In between all the educating and the 'how-to' ing, when we started calculating that it was more economic Read More

New Milkwood Video!

Wondering what Milkwood's all about, and why we do what we do? Here's the 60 second version... Although, of course, if you read this blog, you're prob Read More

Natural Cheesemaking: Making Jam Jar Marcellin

In the lead-up to The Art of Natural Cheesemaking courses with David Asher that we're holding in Sydney next month, here's something to get you all in Read More

Visiting Melliodora in a Dry Year

This place, Melliodora. A world renowned permaculture homestead, full of nut, fruit and forage trees, geese, goats, berries, vegetables, mudbrick home Read More