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Planting a Three Sisters Garden: stacking in space and time

This year we finally got a chance to try out a three sisters garden planting -  maize, beans and squash, growing symbiotically. It was an awesome suc   Read More

Creating Community: The Growing Abundance Project

From collective fruit harvesting to skill sharing to school lunch programs... if you're looking for inspiration for creating community, the Growing A   Read More

Natural Building: Passive House, Active People

Building a well designed, passive solar house can mean comfort in both summer and winter, with minimal energy inputs. On the hottest day of summer, i   Read More

Mid Summer: Berries, plums + treehouse builds

It's mid summer here at Melliodora. The days are hot and the cicadas sing in the trees all around. It's a time for berries, plums, treehouse builds +   Read More

Our Permaculture Kitchen Staples: sourdough, cheese, kraut,

Our household runs on a few key foods + drinks that we make from scratch each week with local ingredients and wild fermentation: tibicos, jun, no-kn   Read More

Natural Beekeeping: Dealing with Small Hive Beetle

As the weather heats up, the bees get busy. We're all hoping for a great season. But the hotter weather also brings with it possible bee pests includ   Read More