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The Milkwood Book – sneak peek

It is with much excitement that we can finally share with you - the Milkwood book is coming. Hooray! Many years in the making, our little labour of lo   Read More

Winter reading: Great Gardening Books

Winter is the season of soup, long nights, and at our house - great gardening books! It's this time of year when we plan, and consider, and compare la   Read More

Permaculture Futures: Emmanuela Prigioni, Lyttleton Stores

Lyttleton Stores is a little piece of Blue Mountains magic, with community at its heart. A super inspiring example of what a small-town cooperative ca   Read More

All About Feijoas: growing, harvesting + recipes

Hooray, it's feijoa season! Perfumed green fruits like no other, and the final harvest of our autumn. Here's a few tips for growing, harvesting and ea   Read More

How to Grow Great Garlic: a beginners guide

Garlic makes everything in life better. And since you can grow your own, quite easily, we thought it was time to write a beginners guide on how to gro   Read More

Holistic Decision Making: 5 Things with Dan Palmer

Making great decisions. Who doesn't want to learn how to do that? In our permaculture designs, in our families, our projects, and for ourselves on a d   Read More