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Milkwood Autumn Courses: Beekeeping, Mushrooms & more

Keen to make 2019 the year you finally start keeping bees? Growing mushrooms? Begin your garden? Or maybe even take the plunge and turn your love of g   Read More

The Milkwood Kids Seaweed Guide

Looking for something to do these holidays? Why not get to know your local seaweeds and the ecosystems that they live in! With our free kids seaweed g   Read More

A year of seaweed, jungles and campfires (and a book)

Looking back, I obviously should have gathered a lot more seaweed last winter - to feed the curious, the enthused and the yet-to be convinced who all   Read More

Making: Wild Fermented Elderflower Soda

It's elderflower season, finally! The gullies + back lanes around our town are awash with their splashes of lacy whiteness, and all the goodness they   Read More

Beeswax DIY: making beeswax wraps + how to render your own w

Beeswax is one of our favourite gifts from the hive - and perfect for making your own beeswax wraps. At this gifting time of year, no-waste, home made   Read More

The Right to Roam: tips for first-time foragers

The food is all around us. It’s under our feet, along the path edges and next to the highway. It’s in the sand dunes, all over our favourite park   Read More