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Visiting Happy Earth, a kick-ass suburban food forest garden…

March 3, 2012 | Off-Farm goings on, Permaculture, Permaculture Design, Urban Permaculture | 10 comments | Author:

Recently Nick + I went to visit Ally and Rich (aka Happy Earth) who have created a truly amazing food forest garden in their suburban lot near Wollongong, NSW. It is a beautiful place of lushness, food, and fun.

The thing I like most about Happy Earth is that Ally and Rich have transformed this place from a very normal, suburban house on a sloping block to a madly wonderful jungle dripping with food and beauty, and they’ve done it all bit by bit, with thoughtful intent. The result is just magic.

Down the side of the house

Ally explains to Nick about what got planted when…
Mmmm custard apples…

Rich explains how they built their no-dig garden beds…
Rich shows us their Top-Bar hive (he caught the swarm himself)…
A taste sensation! Stevia (sweet) spearmint + something licorice-y that i forget the name of. Yum!
Rich + Ally of Happy Earth in their front garden…
Kirsten and Nick of Milkwood in Happy Earth front garden…

Massive thanks to Ally and Rich for showing us their wonderful little world. Very inspiring – I think it’s the most exciting urban forest garden I’ve ever seen!

Happy Earth have also made the seriously awesome ‘Grow Local’ Illawarra Edible Garden Guide which is well worth a look for all sorts of reasons, regardless of where you live…

Imagine a suburb of forest gardens like this… the mind boggles at what that would do to the general health and happiness of the population… happy earth indeed…

>> More Urban Permaculture goodness…

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  • eremophila

    Reblogged this on Travels with Fred and commented:
    Now this is what gardens should really be like – full of exploring and wonderful tastes and smells everywhere! Woof!

  • Cecilia Macaulay

    More Permaculture artists!
    The ‘giraffe’ paving is beautiful. I noticed the curved plank edges of the little meditation platform – beautiful! And the reed blind, keeping things natural. The sensitive curves.
    You guys love pour love and mindfulness into the smallest details.
    This might be the next Rainbow Valley Farm – prepare for a deluge of Japanese!

  • Lore

    I live in Florida (subtropical region) and I’d like to thank you for giving me a reason to visit Australia.

  • Jo

    The garden looks like a foragers dream! – I could spend many an hour meandering through looking for nibbles. Very inspiring. Love the mandala gardens too.

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  • heidi

    We found ally and rich’s project on the web ( I’m originally from wollongong) inspired us here in new zealand to do the same, we live in wellington now a colder and harsher environment but we hope that our 500m2 city plot will look as amazing as theirs one day.

  • Jillian Wells

    What a great, producing, living garden. Should be mandatory for every household garden. Keep it up and out there.

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