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New Market Garden Internships at Milkwood Farm

June 11, 2012 | Education, Farming, Gardening, Market Garden | 3 comments | Author:

Market Garden internship applications for Milkwood Farm for our upcoming season are open! And apps for the first internship close on 25th June. Please read and pass this info along to whoever you think might be up for the challenge.

For the 2012-2013 season at Milkwood Farm, we’re offering a series of focused internships. These internships will provide rare opportunities for beginner farmers & permaculturalists to gain solid skills in a specific area of the emerging, diverse, dynamic and integrated small-farm system that is Milkwood Farm.

Milkwood market garden, December 2011

As you probably know if you visit here often, our organic market garden is going into its second year of production, after a super successful first year. This year our goal is to provide 90% of all vegetables needed for catering to Milkwood Farm’s crew and educational programs, with excess being made available within the Mudgee region.

This market garden was established in the Eliot Coleman style of organic production and is being developed as a best-practice, highly diverse and super productive organic market garden which integrates into Milkwood Farm’s other regenerative animal, forest garden, treecrop and education systems in a range of ways.

This internship will involve working alongside Michael Hewins, Milkwood Farm’s new Market Garden production and education manager, and will involve hands-on involvement in all aspects of organic market garden planning, planting, nutrient cycling, growing and harvesting within the season of the internship period.

This internship also includes a ½ day per week of one-on-one tuition with Michael Hewins on the craft of market garden planning and crop rotation, to ensure you emerge from this period with solid growing skills for successful organic market gardening.

This internship opportunity will involve a lot of hard work, early starts and learning, within a supportive and positive community environment that values your contribution. Read more about the Milkwood Farm market garden here…

Milkwood Farm Organic Market Garden internship dates:

  • 15 Aug – 10 Oct 2012: applications close 25 Jun, notifications by 30 Jun 2012
  • 17 Oct – 19 Dec 2012: applications close 17 Aug, notifications by 25 Aug 2012
  • 2 Jan – 6 Mar 2013: applications close 2 Nov, notifications by 15 Nov 2012
  • 13 Mar – 22 May 2013: applications close 13 Jan, notifications by 25 Jan 2013

>> More info about our on-farm internships and how to apply…

As a Milkwood Farm Market Garden intern, you will get to…

Learn to take a compacted field to productive, organic veggie beds
Grow endless amounts of seedlings for transplanting
Learn all about crop rotation and bed planning to ensure continuous supply
Be part of the nutrient cycling projects at Milkwood Farm with include farm-scale composting, vermiculture and biofertilizers
Learn the art of harvest, preservation and storage for many veggie varieties
Re-make different beds in different ways, depending what crop is going in next in that row
Pick rainbow heirloom carrots (and try not to eat them all before you get them to the kitchen)
Be an important part of the food-growing courses that happen in the garden as part of our education programs
Contribute to the creation of awesome, nourishing and delicious food for many people, with all the benefits that clean food brings
Learn the craft of market gardening under the stewardship of Michael Hewins, Milkwood’s market garden production and education manager. Who just happens to be a top bloke and a great person to lead folks through such a valuable experience.

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  • narf77

    Hi Kirsten and Nick
    I was just nominated for an award. I don’t usually participate in that sort of thing but I realised that it was actually a vehicle to give kudos to blogs that were very important to me so I nominated your blog for “The Illuminating Blogger” award. If you want to participate you can, if you don’t feel free not to. I just wanted you to know that you have made a difference out here in the worldly ether and that someone waits for your posts with anticipation and truly appreciates your efforts to enlighten us . Here’s the link if you want to check it out but its not really about the award (which I suspect is to increase blog traffic to the awarders site to be honest…) its about being able to give you some kudos for your efforts and enormous thanks for every single eagerly anticipated post that makes my early morning wakeup call that bit easier to face :)

    • milkwoodkirsten

      Thanks matey! Love your work.

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