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It was entirely incredible to welcome 400 folks into an auditorium to hear Michael Reynolds talk Earthships in Sydney recently. Thanks to everyone that came – what a night!

Regardless of whether you have inclinations to take on an earthship building project or not, I think this evening was really valuable to lots of people. Mostly because it got a large number of people thinking and talking about resilience and what the future of sustainable building might look like…

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So following on from the talk, here’s the resources we shared with the guests…

Earthship Biotecture Website. Michael Reynolds’ homepage. Which includes a signup facility to their global network.

Earthship Australia facebook group. A  great place to connect with other Aussies thinking or building Earthships

Earthship Biotecture Youtube. Lots (and lots) of great instructional videos, including the Haiti project featured on the night.

Australian Design Review‘s take on Earthship Biotecture.

Michael Reynolds in full flight...

And if anyone has further questions about building earthships or getting involved with future Earthship Biotecture projects in Australia, the Earthship crew would be happy to talk to you…

Thanks to Michael + Jonah Reynolds for making the time to come and talk to us all at the end of a very full-on 3 weeks touring Australia.

Costa and Kinky the chook in training for their grand entrance to introduce Michael on the night...

Big thanks also to the fabulous Costa Georgiadis for introducing Michael on the night (with Kinky the chook on his arm), and to all the community groups who brought info to share.

And greatest of huzzahs to the marvelous Milkwood folk who helped make the night happen: Sofie, Georgie, Stephen, Pedro, Imogen, Jessie + Rhyece, you’re a dream team…

All in all, it seems Michael’s 3 weeks in Australia stirred up quite a bit of doing and planning. See the above forums and groups for all the ongoing goodness…

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  1. Hello
    I am contacting you on the behalf of mr. and mrs. Webber, two earthship builder in, Apollo Bay, Vic, Australia.

    They need help to build there earthship, they have limited computer knwledge. I helped them by building a free website
    and a Facebook page @little otways earthship

    Please visit their website to get to know there project better.

    Webber’s have limited access to e-mail, his phone info are on the website.

    Social media is our best way to advertize their project. Thank you.

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