Holistic Decision Making is a rock-solid platform for making great things happen in a way that increases the quality of life for all involved.

Originally used to make best-possible decisions around farming and grazing which benefited both the farmer AND the land, holistic decision making is a framework now used to steer businesses of all types, as well as provide structure for making excellent family decisions and community decisions.

Our course ran in May 2018 at Sydney’s Pocket City Farms, taught by Dan Palmer. He is co-founder of the Permablitz movement, founder of Making Permaculture Stronger and co-director of Very Edible Gardens – an established urban permaculture design service. Dan has two Permaculture Design Certificates and a PhD in Systems Thinking.

Past course

Holistic Decision Making Course with Dan Palmer

Holistic Decision Making Course

This course was designed for anyone ready to start applying Holistic Decision Making to their lives – a framework for making great decisions for yourself, your business, your farm, or whatever your context is.

The course was suitable for anyone embarking on a big project, ethical startups and/or those wanting to take their existing small business to the next level, farmers + landholders looking to clarify a way forward, families looking to make big changes in life (in a good way), school staff, teachers and project managers and non-government organisations.

Topics included: creating a ‘context’ for yourself, your family or an organisation, using that context to filter decisions and take actions, and seeking and using feedback to actualise, maintain and evolve your context.

Student reviews

“The holistic management system is probably the most useful tool I have ever been given, which I have used mostly for personal and family blossoming and could use in so many more ways.”

— Amandine
Holistic Decision Making course participant

“Very, very useful for achieving focus and the motivation behind my idea – recommend it to everyone.”

— Michelle
Holistic Decision Making course participant

“I feel like my fog of overwhelm has been lifted, and I’ve so much more head and heart space to be present in my life. I was a completely different Mum yesterday purely because I knew I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I was needing to be doing. Whenever I started to stray off course I could come back to centre because I actually knew where centre was! Thank you a billion times over, Dan. It’s such a gift to know you and be able to learn from you.”

— Angela
Holistic Decision Making course participant

“A massive thank you for this most amazing workshop. It’s giving me focus and clarity and it’s done wonders for my relationship. An analogy that came to mind after the first session was that it felt like looking into your heart, putting its content on paper and then, with a rational mind, working out how to fulfil those dreams. Feeling motivated on the verge of bursting. Love it!”

— Martin
Holistic Decision Making course participant

How you can learn Holistic Decision Making with us now

We have a range of Holistic Decision Making articles freely available in our online archive of useful things.

We have also woven Holistic Decision Making principles into our 12-week Permaculture Living online course.