Throughout 2015 and 2016, we taught more than 70 students how to grow mountains of nutritious and delicious food in even the smallest of spaces.

These courses were hosted at venues across New South Wales (Australian), including The Farm Byron Bay and 107 Projects in Redfern.

Past courses

gardening in small spaces

Small Space Gardening

This one-day course was for gardeners with limited space, but big dreams. The course demonstrated clever ways to maximise your growing space, plus good strategies for adapting in-bed vegetable growing techniques to pots and verticals.

Topics included setting up and maintaining potted plants for maximum harvests, techniques for vertical gardens, sprouting and microgreens, small space nutrient cycling, how to select species for appropriate levels of sun and wind exposure, and how to make an edible water garden.

Taught by Brendan Morse, a trained ecologist-botanist.

small space orcharding

Small Space Orcharding

This one-day course was for anyone wanting to grow organic fruit and nut trees in small spaces – whether in the city or your backyard – and still get a bumper harvest.

The course taught the benefits of perennial plants, choosing species, purchasing, planting and maintenance, the basics of pruning for different tree types, strategies for maximising yield in small spaces, espaliering and spindle pruning, how to multi-graft different varieties onto one tree, and how to plant a productive micro-forest garden.

Taught by Brendan Morse, a trained ecologist-botanist.

How you can learn small space growing with us now

We have loads of gardening articles freely available in our online archive of useful things. We also teach tips on small space growing and urban living as part of our Permaculture Living online course.