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DIY Vertical Aquaponics on the patio

September 22, 2012 | Aquaponics, Gardening, Kitchen Garden | 19 comments | Author:

Here’s a great little DIY vertical aquaponics design that Floyd has recently installed outside a studio in Darwin.

It’s a simple system, designed to transform a simple patio into a space of low-maintenance beauty that includes the sound of running water, the cooling effect of a pond, and bountiful herbs!

Setting up the system: Simple wood construction, soil, waterproof membrane and hessian overlay…
‘Cycling’ the system, to get things rolling – after which is added plants, and fish! The water enters at the top and drips into the gutter at the bottom

Since the above photos (taken during the installation process) the system has been planted, and the water now runs crystal clear due to being continuously filtered back through the system…

Adding hardy herbs, berries and flowers… – image by Darwin Yoga Space
First strawberry! – Image by Darwin Yoga Space
Goldfish complete the cycle of passive nutrient delivery, and the low-maintenance design…

This design is a bit like the aquaponics version of a pallet garden, that great little DIY vertical gardening idea that we’re seeing popping up everywhere…

Pallet garden by Life on the Balcony

What a great way of enhance and humidify a small space which would otherwise just be a blank wall…

If you’d like to learn DIY aquaponics, our Backyard Aquaponics workshops are here…

Floyd helped Charlie install our DIY Bathtub Aquaponics System at Alexandria Park Community Center in Sydney back in 2011, which is still going strong.

Since then, Floyd’s gone from strength to strength with designing and installing aquaponics systems in Australia, Thailand and most recently Spain. We can’t wait to see Floyd’s next project!

>> More posts on vertical, backyard and DIY aquaponics systems here…

All images above by Floyd Constable unless otherwise stated.

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  • Megan McGowan

    That’s so beautiful. As long as you’re going to have a pond and run a pump, why wouldn’t you use a garden as your filter? What an excellent concept.

  • Little Sis


  • Jeff

    I am feeling the tug of excitement. Do you have details of someone around Brisvegas doing similar, who may run workshops ???

  • markshain

    Thank you for this. :-)

  • tameesh

    Reblogged this on tameesh and commented:
    love it, wanna build it!

  • Angella Acham

    what an inoovation. so cool!

  • cserio


  • syaztrous

    Reblogged this on X_trous Notes.

  • raeganpool

    Reblogged this on This is me. and commented:
    With fall coming around, hoping to take up gardening soon. This seems like a fabulous idea. Maybe I can pull it off.

  • ankitsharma


  • greeningtheburbs

    So impressed by this website, which I found after reading about your visit on Happy Earth! Thanks so much for posting these great ideas & inspiration! Can’t wait to start aquaponics!

  • sunnyromy

    Reblogged this on SunnyRomy.

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  • Daryl

    Hi there.
    very cool.
    Where can I find hessian and the fibre for the infill? keen on giving one of those a try? the aquaponics wall system I mean

  • mazza01

    Love it want to try it. Been checking this out for weeks. All the best for your up coming course :0)

  • williammwill

    Wow thats brilliant. I bet you would pay a fortune for one of those at a garden centre. Could be a little business venture. A great feature for any patio.

  • Joseph Razak

    That is really really cool. What medium do you use for the plants? How do you keep the medium from settling at the bottom of the pallet? How do you seal the medium in the waterproof barrier then when you cut the barrier for the plants does the water come out of the holes you just made?

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