We’re in the Tinyhouse. And it is awesome.

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What can I say. It took over 5 years to build, but we’re finally in. I am so happy that the thrown-together interior decor, yes even that lampshade, doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Would we do it all again? Heck no. Was it all worth it? You know what, I’m going to surprise myself here, and say yes. Our tinyhouse rocks.

Our first ‘come over for lunch’, attended by Michael and Stephen.

Our Rayburn woodstove; frying, boiling, burning and baking, all at once! And heating our bath water at the same time.
Midday in late winter, with the sun warming up the slab floor

Upstairs in the bedroom, with Ashar’s stand-in bed, which will do until we make him a tree-house bed to give him his own cubby within the room

Ok so we’re yet to sort out things like curtains, bookshelves, a pantry, cabinetry, wardrobes, a real couch, a non-hideous lampshade for the dining table and all that sort of thing, but we’re in. And it is so lovely.

The passive solar and thermal mass aspects of the house (in concert with the woodstove) are doing us proud despite our lack of curtains, and we’re nice and warm day and night, even with sub-zero nights.

The mud walls make the house feel amazing, there’s textured light every where you look, a shimmering pool of water outside our door, chooks just up the slope past a forest garden, and a bath.

Thank you to everyone who helped, built, rendered, cheered, wired, advised, encouraged, cooked, babysat and otherwise supported us to get here. We promise we’ll never do anything like this ever again.

We’ve learned a lot, and we will build more structures on Milkwood Farm, but they will be simple post-and-beam strawbale boxes with good aspect from here on in, promise.

But now ‘the build’ is done, and all tweaks and finishings must be relegated to weekend projects. We’ve moved onto Milkwood Farm for good, after 5 years of living in an assortment of caravans and sheds next door, and we sleep under Milkwood skies as a family in a warm and cosy tinyhouse. Yay.

>> all about the glorious saga of building this tinyhouse from scratch is here…

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  • This is fantastic! You would never guess it is a tiny house! I adore the kitchen with the stainless steel countertops and well…..JUST EVERYTHING!!! Great job!

  • Congratulations!

  • Louise penygraig

    well done

  • Congratulations! I’m glad it’s all over and you can begin enjoying the fruits of your labor. Cheers.

  • Jutta

    Your place is lovely. Be proud of it and happy living on the farm!!!

  • Right on!!!

  • A most lovely post K. And can I say, as one who did a tiny bit from time to time, that it is a real pleasure seeing you all there and makes me happy that you are all so happy. And, by the way, your bath surely rocks (or ‘waters’ we might say … can you ‘rock’ about water ? But I digress). Hooray. Congeratulations. May you be happy there forever. x

  • Steve

    Well done, the true rewards and pleasure will really come in 5 or 6 months time when the pain of building disapates and only the good bits remain. I know after 5 years building our place I could barely stand to be in it, 9 months later it is the most wonderful place on earth, it is truely Home 🙂

  • Well done Kirsten, Nick and Ashar. Looks beautiful. Enjoy!

  • You are inspirational, you lot. Not just for building the tinyhouse; also for doing all the rest of what you’re doing while it was on the go. Here at OzEarth HQ we face pretty similar challenges, and you guys give us hope. xox, Kudos, congratulations.

  • SUE

    I can feel the vibes from your lovely new HOME coming through the screen and it’s a warm and welcoming sensation. Enjoy your well-deserved reward for all your hard work and may you all live long and happy lives at ‘Milkwood Manor.’

  • Congratu-tinyhouse-lations!! 🙂

  • Congratulations, your house is so beautiful, you must feel very proud of yourselves! I had to laugh at ‘we promise we’ll never do anything like this again’, that’s exactly how I’m feeling at the halfway point of my build!

  • What a haven. So pleased for you all.

  • YAY!!!!

  • I am so thoroughly impressed.. this seems like a good deal of liveable space because you have cleverly made it so. I have a lot to learn from you! Thanks for sharing your incredible home.

  • What a fab achievement – so very satisfying. Thanks for the learnings and the updates on the project and looking forward to the very next instalment 🙂

  • eremophila

    Hearty congratulations!!! Your dedication and perseverance most inspiring – the world needs more like you!! Your house is better than any McMansion.

  • Love the kitchen: stainless steel benches and my favourite shade of green tiles, not to mention the gas stove and raeburn. Beautiful, well done.

  • Welcome home.

  • Amazing! Well done. Enjoy the house with your wonderful family 🙂

  • alexe

    yahooooo! house warming party in spring with a price for the first one who jumps from the window in the dam!

  • Connie

    I just absolutely love the wonderful job you all have done! Would love to see photos of the outside when you maybe have some time to post it. Awesome & Enjoy!!!!

  • happy house and a happy family! congratulations on finally moving in.

  • We want to build our own tiny house someday, I am SO glad that this worked out for you! I look forward to your updates! 🙂

  • Heather Formaini

    Lots of congratulations. You must be so happy to be there. And Ashar Fox, for whom lots of hugs.
    Say more about the slab floor.
    Just about to get a cob blanket built around my house here for insulation and beauty.

  • Luke

    Congratulations. Such forbearance. You did it!

  • Whoa! 5 years – congratulations on sticking with it for so long! How the hell did you get your rendered walls to be so smooth? ours are wonky as hell…

  • please ohh please can we see it from the outside?!

  • Nat

    Very inspirational home. I too want to build my own Tinyhouse some day.

    You say you wouldn’t do it all again…So what would you do differently? Any pitfalls to avoid? Simplifications you would recommend?

  • gayeowen

    I like, only just found your blog but o was impressed by what you had done

  • Well done! We are almost 2 years into our build, such a big undertaking isn’t it! I love how your place has come out, it looks like a home. I think woodstoves are awesome, you can do so much with the one lot of wood, I know when I first started to use ours I was just in love with it.

  • Claire Caesar

    WOW! Congratulations and welcome home Milkwood family! It’s beautiful – enjoy!
    Claire x

  • This is always something I dream about doing with my family but don’t have enough guts to actually follow-through on. Your space is amazing, I love the kitchen!

  • Congrats! Thank you for being honest about the challenges/and time it took to build Kirsten. We’re planning a small rammed earth solar passive home – but we know we don’t have the energy to face another big project (we’ve been owner building an extension for the past 5 years) so have decided instead to make the shed comfy and to park a shipping container in front for the next year or so. We’ll insulate the shipping container (rather than the entire shed) add a few windows and hope we survive the hot summers and cold winters.

    • a cosy room that faces north and has a verandah is all you need, i rekon – and lots of outdoor shade for summer.

  • Congratulations enjoy your new home

  • Pierre Marx

    Hey Kirsten, congrats. You’ve clearly had a busy few months since I last saw the house in March. Enjoy your new abode!

  • 1043mabovethesea

    Hoo-bloody-ray !! . . . so whens the diving board being built for the swimming pool? Looks nice and cosy , well done.

  • Roland

    Great work. Well done! I see Ash is growing into a big boy now!