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It’s All Gotta Go

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When we first moved to Mudgee in 2007, clearing sales were a big part of our life. Infact, they basically were our social life. Because a clearing sale is a farm un-packed, and we needed to start one. We bought everything from … Continued

Possum Living

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Nearly all us have work days where we dream of packing it all in and somehow turning life into one long holiday. And then there are those who actually do it. Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and … Continued

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Forward Ho…

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So we have a little bit of news. After 7 amazing years of growing, building, designing, digging, planting, watering, re-planting, driving to and from town (a lot), laying pipes, fixing pumps, teaching, harvesting, sharing and learning… we’re ready for the … Continued

After the rain…

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The surface of the house dam was all dotted in foamy bits, and frogs were a-croaking everywhere. So we got up early the next morning, after the rain, and went on down to inspect… 

The Ethics of Almost

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The other day I was making a belated breakfast for myself. As I was assembling this quick meal of picnic dregs, it struck me that two of the ingredients fitted into the ‘local, ethical and awesome’ category, and one did … Continued

Bean Tipi Rising

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Like everyone else I know, we’ve been meaning to make one of these for years. And this was the Spring we finally got around to erecting the inaugural Milkwood bean tipi! Huzzah.