Up-cycled door for the Earthbag Dome

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No-one knows how old this door is – it came off a shed that pre-dates Nick’s family taking over this farm… bet you its maker never imagined that it would wind up keeping the wind out of a earthbag dome, high on the ridge at Milkwood Farm…

Shane sanded this door back, oiled it and added some beaut hinges (also scavenged). Then he put a little window in it, cut the top to fit the curve of the shape of the door hole, made a curved door frame (no mean feat) made a step, and there you go. One solid door, good for at least another 100 years.

Doorway during construction

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  • would love to know how Shane did the curved door frame… wood? concrete?

  • SUE

    Great Job! Any photos of the frame-making process for us mere mortals to aspire to try?

  • eremophila

    It’s magnificent!! Congrats to Shane on superb workmanship!

  • Wow!! Awesome!

  • Sophie

    The finished product looks fantastic…….Also I have some photos of the curved frame in construction if you would like (i think this is what i helped with, but correct me if I’m wrong Kirsten!)

    • Yes please Sophie, I don’t have any fotos of the door frame construction… And thank you for your help x

  • Warren Clendenning

    I was very impressed with the Earthbag dome when I was at the Farm on the last weekend. Worth considering using these materials when I am building structures in the future.

  • Can we ‘borrow’ Shane for a few weeks? I bet it was harder than it looked, but you folk tend to make things look easy!

  • Do you need a handle for that door?
    I can make one for you if you like….
    make some out of old scrap iron … old railway dog or whatever.
    let me know and it’ll be done


    • Oooo no it doesn’t have a handle currently, jut a key lock… That would be awesome Paul! 🙂

  • This is fantastic! I have a crush on doors and this one may be at the top of my list!

  • OK, I’ll get onto it.
    What thickness is the door? ,
    so I can make a thumb-latch to fit.
    and does it open in or outward?

  • Jacqui Leonard

    Absolutely love your website. Awesome & inspiring! Thanks.

  • Ok, I’m working on the door handle today.
    moaking it from an old railway dog.