At Milkwood student outcomes come first.

We work hard to give our students the best learning experience possible, but don’t just take it from us….. Here’s what they have to say.

Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation at 107 Projects on 6/4/2019

I’ve been researching mushroom cultivation by myself for the last couple of years, completed a basic intro course, started an online commercial course and have spent a LOT of time reading and listening to everything I could get my hands on. Doing the Milkwood course with Nick has really flipped everything from being overwhelming to really, really easily achievable. I honestly feel way more confident and prepared and recommend this course to anyone interested, especially those getting bogged down in the theory so they can make the leap to mushy reality!
Ashlee Wilkinson
Graphic designer and mushroom enthusiast from Newcastle, Australia

Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation at 107 Projects on 8/12/2018

The love and fascination Nick has for fungi is well and truely transmitted through his teaching. You leave the course with a new respect for mushrooms and their role in the world. This course has a plethora of information for anyone wanting to grow mushrooms at home or even to scale up to a small business. Nick clearly explains various processes you can use in different contexts, emphasising sustainable and earth first practices. You come away feeling inspired, excited, and a little nervous about how obsessed you may become.

Biointensive Growing at Hepburn Primary School on 1/12/2018

This weekend course reinforced much of the way we grow but there were plenty of tips that I have taken back and used to tweak things, making me a little more efficient. The resources supplied are great, I just need a few extra hours a day to go through them! Jodi was enthusiastic and inspiring.

Introduction to Permaculture at Hepburn Primary School on 10/11/2018

The knowledge imparted was delivered with such passion in such a palatable way, and the whole operation was so slick and impressive. The important part was that there was no judgments, that the permie way was a Choose Your Own Adventure, and was accessible for all. 10 out of 10, I'll be telling everyone and anyone who will listen to me the wonders of the Milkwood Crew and how awesome permaculture is. Bravo Nick & Kirsten - it was an honour to spend two life changing days with you.

Introduction to Natural Beekeeping at Rahamim on 20/10/2018

The course far exceeded my high expectations. Though it was largely class-room based, Tim Malfoy's presentation was intensely practical and informative. He pointed us to heaps of other great resources to learn more - suitable both for novices like me, and others who had some or lots of apiary experience. The afternoon spent with the bees, beginning to identify the amazing complexities within the hives, was reassuring and really ignited my interest. An excellent course!
Dr Jane Basden
GP - Hazelbrook NSW

Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation at Hepburn Primary School on 25/8/2018

I found Milkwood's cultivation course well rounded, involved and reaffirming for me. The weekend was more hands on than I had anticipated, which I think was particularly beneficial for beginner growers. Nick was an articulate facilitator who allowed an open exchange of information between the participants, orchestrating an organic flow of dialogue throughout the sessions. I found this particularly valuable, as some great conversations, ideas and theories were shared during these discussions. A great experience for fungi lovers and amateur mycologists.