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The Art of Natural Cheesemaking is a new/old approach to cheesemaking that is inspired by traditional practices, and based on the ecology of raw milk.

Tickets are limited! Choose from a two-day workshop in Sydney, or a two-day on-farm workshop in Jamberoo

Much like wild fermentation, natural cheesemaking teaches how to partner with fresh milk’s resident ecology to transform milk into delicious, healthful cheese.

David Asher’s methods include cultivating raw starter cultures, growing the fungi that ripen cheeses, and working with the indigenous cultures of raw milk.

These methods are liberating and empowering – they help both home and artisanal cheesemakers wean themselves off packaged powdered cultures, synthetic rennets and unnecessary chemical additives and sanitizers, and help cheeses develop their best possible flavor.

We’ll be working with both raw milk and also good-quality store-bought milk (that’s been effectively un-pasteurized – you’ll learn how to do this) making everything from fresh, french, rennet, blue + alpine cheeses from scratch.

No starters, no packets. Just real milk, and the cheeses it naturally turns into with skilled hands, wild culture, and the right conditions.


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