In 2016 and 2017, we were chuffed to host four courses on natural cheesemaking at Jamberoo Valley Farm, 107 Projects, Syndey Seafood School and Buena Vista Farm.

Over 100 students learned an approach to cheesemaking inspired by traditional practices and based on the ecology of raw milk.

Past courses

The Art of Natural Cheesemaking courses

Much like wild fermentation, natural cheesemaking teaches how to partner with fresh milk’s resident ecology to transform milk into delicious, healthful cheese.

Teacher David Asher’s methods included cultivating raw starter cultures, growing the fungi that ripen cheeses, and working with the indigenous cultures of raw milk.

These workshops were presented in a premium watch-and-learn setting, with select audience participation for each cheese.

The methods taught were liberating and empowering – they helped both home and artisanal cheesemakers wean themselves off packaged powdered cultures, synthetic rennets and unnecessary chemical additives and sanitisers, while allowing cheeses to develop their best possible flavour. The art of natural cheesemaking helps cheesemakers take back their cheese.

How you can learn natural cheesemaking with us now

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