A weekend of chooks, raw milk and urban agriculture

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Last weekend I went on a rare road trip to see Michael Ableman speak down at Mulloon Creek. While I was there I squeezed in a quick peek at Mulloon’s free-range egg operation…

I was also lucky enough to stay on farm with our good friends (and comrades in permaculture farming aspirations) Cam and Jessie Wilson, who are bringing up their young family in this beautiful valley, as well as milking, planting, designing and doing…

Laying hens, guarded by maremma shepherd dogs, on their daily pasture with eggmobiles behind
The eggs are graded and packed into a variety of sizes before heading to the shops
Cam Wilson and Michael Hewins outside Cam + Jessie's yurt and garden
And what a happy home this yurt is - note rayburn stove for extra happiness (and plentiful hot water - double happiness)...
Pekin ducks who provide the family with a great supply of duck eggs for breakfast, and whose duckpond fertigates...
...the family food forest beside the duck enclosure, growing lush and green.
Down at 'Peters pond' in Mulloon Creek, site of some of Peter Andrews' (Natural Sequence Farming) better known watershed restoration projects
Julianne and Jessie milking 'Tiara', an A2 Jersey cow...
Mmmm - fresh, raw, organic A2 jersey milk...
Milk is immediately and enthusiastically absorbed. Lucky kids to be growing up on this farm!

It’s always so inspiring to go spend time on other farms, even just sitting at dawn in another landscape. Food for the brain and soul both.

Returned to Milkwood rejuvenated and with lots more (thanks guys – did I really need more?) ideas on, well, everything!

Many thanks to Cam and Jessie, to everyone at Mulloon Creek, and to Michael Ableman who re-arranged my head on what community-driven urban agriculture can be. But I’ll get to that shortly…

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