Summer Permaculture Design Course wrap-up

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Wow what a January. Thank you to all the amazing Permaculture Design Course students that joined us at Milkwood Farm for two weeks of Permaculture design training, and the hottest January in Australia on record. It was all happening at Milkwood Farm!

Yes the heat was intense. But because of our elevation, we never saw the 40+ degree temperatures suffered by the rest of the country. Many watermelons were devoured, many swims were had. Much designing was done and concepts learned, resulting in some beautiful work.

1301PDC milkwood02

1301PDC milkwood03

1301PDC milkwood04

1301PDC milkwood07

1301PDC milkwood05

1301PDC milkwood06

1301PDC milkwood08

1301PDC milkwood09

1301PDC milkwood10

1301PDC milkwood11

1301PDC milkwood12

1301PDC milkwood13

1301PDC milkwood14

1301PDC milkwood15

1301PDC milkwood17

1301PDC milkwood18

1301PDC milkwood19

1301PDC milkwood20

1301PDC milkwood21

1301PDC milkwood22

1301PDC milkwood23

1301PDC milkwood24

1301PDC milkwood26

1301PDC milkwood27

1301PDC milkwood28

1301PDC milkwood29

1301PDC milkwood30

1301PDC milkwood31

1301PDC milkwood32

1301PDC milkwood33

1301PDC milkwood34

1301PDC milkwood36

1301PDC milkwood37

1301PDC milkwood38

1301PDC milkwood39

1301PDC milkwood40

1301PDC milkwood41

1301PDC milkwood42

1301PDC milkwood44

What more is there to say. Thanks to the fabulous Milkwood crew Nick, Floyd, Rose, Gigi, Trev and Michael who made this PDC such a nourishing experience for everyone, and to interns Lawrence and Karen and to wwoofers Big Andy, Little Andy and Rob.

Biggest thanks goes, as always, to our students. It’s an intensive and transformative two weeks, and a world apart from how most of us live our daily lives these days. Thanks for all your knowledge, your generosity, your humor, your dedication and your intentions.

We hope this experience helped stoke the fire in your belly, and that your futures are regenerative and righteous. Go well!

Future Permaculture Design Certificates with Milkwood are here…

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  1. Hi Kristen – I was the RFS group captain in charge of containing the fire at Hargraves (just over the ridge to the west) and then a week later I organised the Riverlea/Lue (to your East). January was a busy month fire wise – cast back to the Green Gully fire 3 years ago – be careful and make sure you are fire wise.

    Group 3

    1. Hi Brian, yes we were! Fire plans here are all in place and no open flames on total fire ban days, of course… Including angle grinders 🙂 thanks for everything you guys do… We were thankful that Hargreaves grass fire ran its course with no major dramas 🙂

      1. Good too hear that Kirsten – yes understood the dreaded angle grinder has a lot to answer for — Hargreaves was controlled with 19 units Tuesday night – (60 crew -volunteers on a 12 hour shift) we were still combating trees crowning at 0300 hrs and fire runs across grasslands at daylight – what a sod of a night. stay safe – – Bryan

  2. Glad I read this. I’ve never really considered the fire sector to be anything more than something to check off in the design consideration phase … but there are real life applications! It’s got me wondering whether we should also be thinking in terms of which way a fire started on our property might go.

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