Workshop Schedule for the Permaculture Piazza (and a giveaway)

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Coming up in less than two weeks, we’ll be running 3 days of free workshops at Gardening Australia Live in Sydney.

There’s workshops on everything from aquaponics to vertical gardening to strawbale building  to sauerkraut, with guest appearances by all sorts of awesome experts! Here’s the schedule… 


Permaculutre Piazza Scedule

Workshop schedule for the Permaculture Piazza…

Friday 18th October…

10.00am: Aquaponics with Floyd from Milkwood
10.45am: Natural Building with Sam from Viva Living Homes
11.30am: Vertical Gardens with Steven from Vgarden & Sydney Organic Gardens
12.15pm: Backyard Poultry with Daniel from New Leaf Nursery
1.00pm: Urban Permaculture Design with Nick from Milkwood
1.45pm: Stingless Beekeeping with Tim from  Sugarbag Bees
2.30pm: Natural Building with Sam from Viva Living Homes
3.15pm: Mushroom Cultivation with Nick from Milkwood

Saturday 19th October…

10.00 am: Serious Backyard Veggies with Michael from Milkwood
10.45 am: Natural Building with Sam from Viva Living Homes
11.30 am: Vertical Gardens with Steven from Vgarden & Sydney Organic Gardens
12.15 pm: Backyard Poultry with Daniel from New Leaf Nursery
1.00 pm: Urban Permaculture Design with Nick from Milkwood
1.45 pm: Living Foods with Danni from Milkwood and Grant from Urban Growers &  Three Blue Ducks
2.30 pm: Natural Building with Sam from Viva Living Homes
3.15 pm: Mushroom Cultivation with Nick from Milkwood

Sunday 20th October…

10.00 am: Aquaponics with Floyd from Milkwood
10.45 am: Natural Building with Sam from Viva Living Homes
11.30 am: Vertical Gardens with Steven from Vgarden & Sydney Organic Gardens
12.15 pm: Backyard Poultry with Daniel from New Leaf Nursery
1.00 pm: Urban Permaculture Design with Nick from Milkwood
1.45 pm: Serious Backyard Veggies with Michael from Milkwood
2.30 pm: Warré Beekeeping with Tim from Malfroy’s Gold
3.15 pm: Mushroom Cultivation with Nick Ritar from Milkwood


We’re really stoked to be working with some of Sydney’s best growers and doers to make these workshops happen…

New Leaf Nursery are prettymuch the permaculture garden supplies go-to of Sydney – a great family-run enterprise who are hugely supportive of their communities.

Sydney Organic Gardens are Sydney’s premium organic garden designers, and Steve’s new project, Vgarden, is making vertical gardens a reality for anyone who wants one.

Then we have the amazing Sam Vivers of Viva Living Homes, who will be doing demo’s on strawbale building and earth rendering every day.

On the Saturday we have Danni (Milkwood’s new farm chef, ex Three Blue Ducks) alongside with Grant Le Brooy of Three Blue Ducks talking ferments.

And on top of that we have two different beekeepers – Tim Heard talking stingless, native beekeeping, and Tim Malfroy talking Warré beekeeping.

And on top of all THAT there’s all us, the Milkwood crew, talking Aquaponics, Backyard Veggies, Mushroom Cultivation and Urban Permaculture Design. Whew!

GA_Live_Win_DoublePass 600x432_1

Hey, you’re still here? Awesome! We have 2 double passes for Gardening Australia Live to give to two lovely blog readers.

Comment below to enter and tell us what workshop you’d attend given the chance, and we’ll pick 2 answers next Monday and let the winners know…

Gardening Australia Live is happening at Moore Park in Sydney on the 18 – 20 October. We hope to see you there.

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36 responses to “Workshop Schedule for the Permaculture Piazza (and a giveaway)

  1. I want to take my 81 years ‘young’ and gardening and bantam chook-devoted mum along on the 19th (my birthday and a week before I have to go in for serious surgery) into the chook and veggies sessions particularly. What a great program. That’d get me ready, and mum (anxiety-prone) deliriously happy.
    Jen (and Marie)

  2. I’d most love to go to backyard aquaponics. My husband and I have not been eating fish now for a long time. due to overfishing of oceans and the plastic contamination issue. It would’ve fantastic to have fish back on the menu again, knowing that they are sustainable and ‘clean’ it is also a great opportunity to utilise some vertical growing space along the side of my rental property to maximise our growing area.
    The other workshop that is a must attend is serious backyard veggies or urban permaculture design. I’m about to embark on helping to design and install a school vegetable plot. I’m very excited to share the knowlege I have gained so far with others and develop a passion for ‘growing your own’ in the future generation.

  3. After tossing away my first attempt at sauerkraut, I would definitely go to the fermented veggie workshop. I’d also like to attend the mushroom cultivation workshop as I can’t seem to find any Reishi mushroom tea, and would love to have some on hand.

  4. Would love to be able to give my son these tickets. He has just recently joined his local community garden and has always grown amazing herbs and veggies on his very space limited balcony by building a very clever movable system that sits over the balcony so isn’t a fixed structure. He also has a worm farm in a large old esky. talk about making good use of space!!!! He would be so thrilled to attend any of the wonderful workshops but I think the Urban Permaculture Design and Serious Backyard Veggies sound fabulous. Thank you so much for the opportunity to surprise him.

  5. Hi, I’ve got a very small backyard and so dying to learn more about vertical gardening. I want to start a new healthy life by planting and eating vegies. I want to live longer and if I don’t get these tickets my life may be cut short….”Tis the season to be jolly and healthy….”

  6. I saw the workshop lineup and thought to myself “how am I going to see the rest of the show?” I think I will be permanently plonked in front of the Permaculture Piazza all day Saturday.

    Thanks also for the links to garden designers and suppliers. I hadn’t seen them around and the vgarden is now on my garden-covet board on Pinterest.

  7. Wow! Would love to see the aquaponics talk as we have a system, but it’s just not working! We have tryed everythig the books and ninterwebs have suggested, but no luck. The fish keep dying… :'(
    If we were able to see others it would be the mushrooms, so we could feed our guests (we run a small guest house) fresh home grown mushies to go with there hot breakfast to go with our very own eggs! The thought makes me so happy!
    The natural building is of great interest to my hubby and I’d love to convince him about getting bees! Oh! There is just to much! I’m brimming with excitement! You must be so prowed with milkwood and all you and yours have achieved. I just live you all!

  8. I would so love to be there for all the workshops but if I have to choose. it would be the fermenting workshop, serious backyard vegies, the mushroom session, aquaponics, urban permaculture and the backyard poultry not necessarily in that order.

  9. What is great is that permaculture is so mainstream that it gets into Gardening ABC without so much as a ‘what are you doing here?’. I can’t wait to be a part of it! Thank you muchly, Karen Agent for WWOOF ACT region and Southern NSW

  10. It looks a fabulous program, well done! I’d love to go and hear the veg growing session.

    I have participated in a staw bale wall raising with Frank and Sam, done saurcraut and scything with Nic at Hazelcomb, and seen design being implemented as Permablitz ACT member.
    After a month of volunteering at Canberra’s Floriade on the very first inaugral UAA (Urban Agriculture Australia) permaculture veggie garden I should have learnt more about growing food. Have learnt about soil and soil health though & heard Bec Pollack talk on urban homesteading & preserving, and their knowledge is shared, as an info sheet, along with 40-50 others on the Urban Ag website at – check it out!

    If my name gets drawn out, I’d like to pass it to the b’dy lady & her mum!

    Great work Kirsten

  11. My pick is serious backyard veggies. I just completed my permaculture course and are now in the process to design and plant out our garden. It would be great to participate in the workshops on Saturday.

  12. Oh I am desperate to know about ferments! I’d love to go to that one – I think I’ve made a sauerkraut but I’m not sure how good it turned out! Plus I’ve been wishing to do your serious backyard veggie course for ages – because my backyard veggies are way too flippant!

  13. I need to attend “Serious Backyard Veggies” with Michael. My veggies are all making jokes and wearing polka dot bowties, they don’t take anything seriously.

  14. We are just starting to try and grow anything we can in our suburban townhouse, we would love to learn about backyard poultry and veggies! Hope you have a fantastic show.

  15. I’ve just planted 6 tomato plants with basil in between…want to let me chooks out but need to put up the fence … need more direction so the best ones for me would be serious veggies and the chooky one !

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