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Joel Salatin Webinars - 23-24 February 2015

We’re very excited to announce we’ve figured out a learning path for all of you remote + time-poor folks who want to get the nitty-gritty knowledge of setting up regenerative + ethical animal systems for small farms.

Joel Salatin webinars!

In these intensive webinars, Joel will go straight to the heart of the matter and discuss the intimate nuts-and-bolts of designing and running successful enterprises in: pastured eggs, pastured chickens, pastured+forested pigs and direct farmer-to-consumer marketing.

All from the convenience of your own computer, because we know how hard working and spread out across the globe our communities’ future farmers are.

Monday 23rd February:  10am – Eggs  |  1pm – Chickens
Tuesday 24th February:  10am – Pigs   |  1pm – Marketing

The webinars will go for 90 minutes each, and be a combination of Joel explaining Polyface’s various animal systems, and also Q&A from webinar attendees (with the questions submitted via chat).

And after it’s all done, you’ll have a copy of the webinar to re-watch whenever you like, for reference. Yeehar.

Pastured Eggs

In this 90 minute webinar, Joel will cover the Polyface egg mobile and x-wing egg production systems from start to finish – perfect for aspiring egg producers working on either their own or rented land.

Topics covered will include: Breeds / Starting the pullet / Infrastructure / Feed and water / Predators / Rules of movement and sanitation / Culling old hens / Laying cycle / Egg processing / Egg marketing. More info…


Joel Salatin pastured chickens webinar

Pastured Chickens

In this 90 minute webinar, Joel will cover the Polyface approach to producing ethical, ‘beyond organic’ pastured meat chickens on either a small or larger scale.

Topics covered will include: Breeds / Brooding / Distinctives compared to layers / Pasture infrastructure / Feed and water / Predators  / Processing / Marketing. More info…


Joel Salatin pastured pigs webinar

Pastured Pigs

In this 90 minute webinar, Joel will cover the system Polyface has devised to produce premium-quality humane pork, while regenerating the pasture & forest areas of his farm in the process.

Topics covered will include: Breeds / Acquisition–to farrow or not to farrow / Feed and water / Pasture design / Moving pigs / Forestal glens / Composting–letting animals do the work / Marketing. More info…


Farmer-Direct Marketing

In this 90 minute webinar, Joel will cover Polyface’s extremely successful, ‘radical transparency’ approach to on-farm and direct marketing, which has been the backbone of ensuring their family farm is both regenerative and profitable.

Topics covered will include the strategy and setup of their direct-to-consumer metropolitan buying clubs and on-farm shop as well as how they approach the story of their products to inspire and create long-term, committed customers. More info…


Joel Salatin Webinars - 23-24 February 2015

Special Discount for our blog readers:

Use coupon code MWBLOG when booking your place for $5 off each webinar. Here’s the full synopsis of what’s covered in each webinar.

All sound good? We’re excited. See you in there.

All our posts about Joel Salatin are here…


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  1. Morning!
    We are really interested in your webinars but being teachers any weekday time is not possible. Do you have another option?
    Cheers and thanks in advance

    1. Hey Kylie, – sorry, but we only get one shot at it as Joel’s only available for the 2 days, so we chose the times we hoped would be most suitable to the largest number of folks… on the upside, if you sign up, you’re also signing up to beable to watch it later at your convinience… hope that helps!

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