Happy Earth’s Urban Food Forest in Unanderra – it’s grown!

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Inspiration takes many forms, but a thriving backyard ecosystem like Happy Earth has got to be pretty high up on our list.

Ali + Rich have created this edible suburban oasis over the last 8 years, on a sloping block in Unanderra, just south of Wollongong in NSW.

We first visited them 3 years ago, but the other day I snuck over for a cuppa with Ali and got to spend a morning in their thriving edible forest.

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Our favourite bits of Happy Earth:

The driveway. Or should I say, ex-driveway. Ali + Rich tore up the driveway down the side of their house and used the space for water tanks, citrus + banana trees, and a cubbyhouse for their little person.

The broken up driveway concrete got a new life as crazy paving throughout the garden.

happy earth 201503

The front porch. Green, glorious green. With bonus grape vines for summer shade and winter sun.

A beautiful, sheltered and private space that you would never believe existed from the street.

happy earth 201520

The food forest. Low maintenance, high productivity gardening at its best.

This forest supplies the family with intermittent fruit all year round, from custard apples to bananas to guavas to mangoes, with a herbal understory for pollinators, medicinals + edible herbs too.

happy earth 201536

The vegie patch. Because, organic vegetables. In the suburbs. Are excellent.

We’re looking forward to taking our Autumn Permaculture Design Course Students here to learn how good suburban permaculture can be…

I can’t think of a better or more inspiring example of how to use permaculture where you live, right in the center of a suburb. Thanks for the tea, Ali!

You can check out Ali + Rich’s adventures at www.happyearth.com.au, and also check out their Grow Local plant guides for Illawarra edible gardens.

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5 responses to “Happy Earth’s Urban Food Forest in Unanderra – it’s grown!

  1. What an amazing and inspiring place! They’ve done so much work and wow, has it paid off. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful, thriving space. Productive and beautiful. Lovely to see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just goes to show what forward planning can do…hope the neighbours are truly inspired. Great idea to hold a workshop there.

  4. What a wonderful place. We have a wonderful place here in Perth called Jetto’s. They are so inspirational. I love gardening and particularly edibles as the fruits etc in the supermarket are different. I only have a small area now but will put in everything that I can

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