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Winter: Feijoa harvests + bioluminescent mushrooms

The dams are full and the soft green winter grass in the orchard has returned. There's been feijoa harvests by day and bioluminescent mushrooms by nig   Read More

Food Co-ops + Collectives: 3 models of community food system

Starting a community food co-op or collective can begin with something as simple as a shared cup of tea, and a question. How can we access great quali   Read More

Planting a Three Sisters Garden: stacking in space and time

This year we finally got a chance to try out a three sisters garden planting -  maize, beans and squash, growing symbiotically. It was an awesome suc   Read More

Creating Community: The Growing Abundance Project

From collective fruit harvesting to skill sharing to school lunch programs... if you're looking for inspiration for creating community, the Growing A   Read More

Natural Building: Passive House, Active People

Building a well designed, passive solar house can mean comfort in both summer and winter, with minimal energy inputs. On the hottest day of summer, i   Read More

Mid Summer: Berries, plums + treehouse builds

It's mid summer here at Melliodora. The days are hot and the cicadas sing in the trees all around. It's a time for berries, plums, treehouse builds +   Read More