Learning how to start a Market Garden

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We’ve just finished hosting our first Starting an Organic Market Garden course with Joyce and Mike from Allsun Farm, and it feels like the start of a quiet revolution. 30 people for 3 days, in our woolshed and down on our creekflat, learning the basics of growing good food well. Whew!

I knew this was going to be an exciting three days. But then, I’m excited by vegetables. Especially vegetables grown in a regenerative fashion, close to home. What I didn’t think about was just what a whirlwind 30 people getting equally excited about this stuff would mean. And it meant action!

I shall report back more fully once I catch my breath. There’s lots and LOTS of amazing resources, tips and tricks to share that Joyce and Mike showed us, in regards to planning, sowing and growing.

The small farming sector is the biggest growth industry in the USA today, and I’m hoping here in Australia we won’t be too far behind. We need good food grown where we live by people we know. Starting yesterday.

In the meantime, big thanks to Joyce and Michael of Allsun Farm who left their farm for 5 days in Spring (count em) to come and teach us all the ropes of sustainable community food supply.

Also big thanks to Lucy and Vaughn who came to help, to Stephen Couling the Milkwood OMG, our crew of Spring Interns Jurgen, Sabina, Ashley, Olivier, Claire and Adam who helped us keep things shipshape, and to Rose our amazing chef, who kept us all fed throughout.

Future Organic Market Garden courses are here.

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