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The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens network has just released a new poster for free download.  And it is a beautiful thing.

Chooks, roots, fruit, earthworms and of course community, all flourishing together.

The poster was released under a Creative Commons licence, which means that ACFCGN welcome people to print, share, re-post, or otherwise distribute in any way they wish, provided the poster is not altered and it’s not used for profit. The artist who produced the beautiful original watercolour painting for the Network was Lucy Everitt.

>> Download poster (pdf 3.9mb)

We’re currently dreaming of commissioning poster art at Milkwood, but we haven’t found quite the right person yet. There’s something so very delicious about having your ‘sow what when’ poster on the wall, as well as in your laptop.

Having both come from backgrounds of screen-gazing (new media art / engineering etc), we’re both very much aware of the benefits of having off-screen visual inspiration. Posters may be old school, but they can do things that sending someone a link can not do.

Here’s to tactile, physical objects which inspire and which you can hammer to a post. We need more of em.

Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Website

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  • Charles Otway

    When you do work on your own sow what when, Lost seeds has a great version that is worth gaining inspiration from. Not flashy but detailed and clear.

  • Lucas

    and we at Big Fag Press would LOVE to print them with youse! love a botanical infographic…

  • Liv Parker (@livparker)

    A Beautiful Poster! I’m writing a post about inspiring community posters and would like to include yours! Will link back when up :)