Hericium coralloides (coral tooth) mushrooms

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Edible, native and delicious. Will’s been growing these beauties in his home mushroom cultivation setup on blocks of grain spawn.

Like many other mushrooms, once you know how, these beautiful fungi can be cloned and propagated at home (if you have a reliable source). After which point you can re-produce them indefinitely.

Using a very DIY ‘glove box’ as a still air, semi-sterile environment to clone mushrooms from shop-bought cuttings
Learning to propagate mycelium from mushroom samples
Well hello, Hericium!

If you’d like to learn the art of how to clone and cultivate mushrooms of many different types, for both inside and outside mushroom growing, we’re running another 2-day workshop  at Milkwood Farm next month, which will be fantastic:

Mushroom Cultivation: 13-14 Oct, Milkwood Farm

After that we’ll be hopefully starting up some proper (seasonal) mushroom cultivation at Milkwood Farm. Can’t wait!

>> More mushroom resources and blogposts here

Images of Hericium coralloides by Will Borowski

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  • http://mysisterspantry.wordpress.com Little Sis

    Wow. I thought it was an underwater photo at first glance.

  • Rauf

    an I call it Noodles Mushroom ?

  • http://www.anthropogen.com Anthropogen

    Very cool. I didn’t know this was a cultivated species. A few years ago I started harvesting Hericium in N. California where I grew up. Typically finding them on decomposing Oak trees. Here are photos of two varieties: http://anthropogen.com/?s=hericium

  • http://shapeofthingstocomedotorg.wordpress.com shapeofthingstoni

    Yum! I will have to learn. I love mushies and as a semi-veggie sustainability type it makes sense to grow my own. Any ideas what varieties do well in Hobart?

  • http://englishmaninitaly.wordpress.com acetogrey

    Wonderful, more mushroom posts please

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    Very nice, I would love to have mushrooms like this at home!

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