Permaculture: a Rhymer’s Manual (and a barn dance)

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What better soundtrack for Christmas than combining two essential ingredients for a good life: permaculture, and ukulele. Permaculture: A Rhymer’s manual is a set of songs based on David Holmgren’s 12 permaculture principles, created with the idea that education and learning resources come in many forms, so why not. We love em.

This week at Milkwood Farm we kicked up our heels with The Barn Dance at the End of the World, with special guest Charlie (aka Permaculture Ukulele). Charlie was so much fun we thought we’d share a bit about his project Permaculture: A Rhymer’s manual as the ultimate Christmas soundtrack…

I have to say my favorite song on the night was The end of Oil, maybe because  that’s the one that got all the little kids in our woolshed up and dancing around like small mad things.

And here’s a clip of Charlie and FormidableVegetable Sound System in full swing at a recent festival:

And while we’re at it, a live studio version recorded by Charlie on Thursday at ABC studios:


The best bit about this project is that Charlie is sharing the goodness.  So more interestingly than hunching over a screen this week, why not grab a ukulele, learn the chords, and go find a tree to sit under with a cool cordial and some friends…

Permaculture: A Rhymer’s manual – chords and lyrics

While Charlie was at Milkwood Farm, we tried to cram in the whole experience. We bunked him in the earth dome for the duration, fed him butterflied bbq Milkwood pork (home raised and processed) and the day after the barn dance Charlie and Michael  took on the important job of seed saving broad beans. As you do.

By this time Nick, Ashar and I had departed on a short adventure to see grandparents (conveniently located at the Ocean) so here’s Charlie’s snaps of his visit (cheers matey):

charlie 1

The best pano taken so far of the Earth Dome's innards (it is rather cosy in there)
The best pano taken so far of the Earth Dome’s innards (it is rather cosy in there)
Michael in the garden
Michael in the garden
Carrots rising! Whoohoo.
Carrots rising! Whoohoo.
Broad beans! And Charlie.
Broad beans! And Charlie.

charlie 6

charlie 7

charlie 8
Broad beans! Ready for next year’s planting.

Quite a productive and wonderful weekend, all up: and the world didn’t end, to boot. Excellent.

My one problem right this minute is that I have to wait till Christmas day when a certain small person’s present is un-wrapped so I can then barter some serious hours practice on said present in return for cherries. Then I can go find a shady tree, practice my chords and start busting out Permaculture Songs…

Charlie Mcgee and Permaculture Ukulele: | | Permaculture Ukulele on Facebook

Thanks to Charlie for coming to Milkwood Farm, it was awesome to meet you! And to Monique Unger of Permaculture Sydney North for organising Charlie’s trip down south. And to everyone who made the Barn Dance at the End of the World so awesome. And to whoever invented the Ukulele. And to holidays and shady trees.

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