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“Afristar Foundation utilises Permaculture design systems as the primary methodology of our community development strategy. Permaculture is an optimistic, action-oriented approach to the environmental, energy, food, water and climate crisis the world is currently facing. Its adaptibility and emphasis on meeting human needs means that it can be utilised in every climatic and cultural zone.

Our underlying ethos is that there is a wealth of untapped natural heritage and social capital that can be mobilised to facilitate sustainable livelihoods. This notion can be embraced to educate and empower local people with traditional and appropriate knowledge, so as to utilise their natural resource base for sustainable economic upliftment.” afristar permaculture posters2

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You know how much we love good posters. And these are just some of the goodness. Afristar’s educational resources is an awesome treasure trove.

Hooray for Permaculture made graphic. If that’s not enough, check out Cloacina’s amazing posters picture-izing the nitrogen cycle and citywide human waste systems for another dose…

>> More educational resources here…

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    Malayaka House employs Permaculture methods at our house and community projects across Uganda.

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  • Lucy

    Wow, can I purchase some of these posters?

    • Meg

      Follow the link in the text to download them.

  • Posters looks more than fine, someone had patience with these permaculture algorithms.

  • nathan

    Yeah! Where can I buy them?

    • Meg

      Try the link in the text perhaps?

      • Meg

        Just checked and yes. The link gives you a download site.

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  • Bun

    These are just what I need! How can I order some?

    • Meg

      The link is in the text I think.

      • Meg

        Just checked and yes. Link gives you download site.

  • Meg

    These are gorgeous! And brilliant.