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So who would like a copy of this fabulous book? It’s one of the favourites of our permaculture library, and also the textbook we give out to students at our Intro to Permaculture courses.

The reason for choosing this as our introductory textbook is simple: it’s a great introduction to permaculture theory and practice. It’s also a good choice as a gift, if you’re looking to get someone excited about ecological design…

Small space permaculture garden out the back of Lucille's flat in Sydney, using good design to grow good food
Small space permaculture garden out the back of Lucinda’s flat in Sydney, using good design to grow good food
Designs for ensuring clean rainwater collection - illustration from Introduction to permaculture
Designs for ensuring clean rainwater collection – illustration from Introduction to Permaculture
Sample polyculture planting for productive, edible seasideforest - illustration from Introduction to Permaculture
Sample polyculture planting for productive, edible seasideforest – illustration from Introduction to Permaculture

Introduction to PermacultureΒ as a book is very much not just about gardening. It covers concepts for building design, rainwater harvesting, energy generation, animal systems and many other facets of sustainable human systems.

A great book for sparking ideas and getting your brain clicking next time you sit down to figure out a permaculture design for your garden, verge, spare room, house, school or wherever you’re at.

So! Who wants their very own copy of this iconic, awesome, and very readable book? (Er, not the exact copy above, that’s one of our much-thumbed Milkwood library copies. We’ll post you a nice new one).

Comment below and we’ll roll the dice Wednesday morning, choose someone, and let ’em know…

Alternately, you could come along to one of our Intro to Permaculture courses and get a copy that way, along with 2 days of intensive permaculture knowledge. Just sayin.

Student designs form a recent Milkwood Permaculture Design Course
Student designs form a recent Milkwood Permaculture Design Course

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130401 itp book - 1

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332 responses to “Giveaway: Introduction to Permaculture book

  1. Having obtained a 3.5 acre woodland as a youth project we have spent 10 months preparing ourselves and saying ok what are we going to do? The answer is permaculture. The reality is, I don’t have a clue what that means…. I’m a youth worker, but this project is exciting. I’ll be learning alongside the young people! Of course a book like this would give me a head start!
    Thanks for the blog. It has already been an inspiration and given me too many considerations. I would love to go back to a simple veg plot or maybe I wouldn’t.

  2. Considering I’m about to buy a new house with 2 acres of terraced lawn just itching to be planted (and is nowhere close to a big town), this would be the absolute must-have for our move-in! With four teenagers still at home, growing and raising our own food is a no-brainer.

    In short, please and thank you! <3

  3. Pick me please! Just a single mom trying to teach her daughter how to live independently and locally. We plan our gardens every year and I would love a book to pass on to her when she is old enough to move forward with gardens of her own!

  4. ooh, looks like a brilliant book! i’m from Scotland and we have had some weird weather the last few years so i’m keen to see what direction i can get from looking into permaculture. please pick me!! πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Yes please, i Just started doing a PDC with the good folks from VEG in Melbourne, this would be a great resource πŸ™‚ keep up the good work guys!

  6. I was able to get this on an inter-library loan once – just throwing that out to everyone who isn’t selected. But I would love to have my own much-thumbed library copy! If you pick me, this 59 year old farmer, PDC and Polyface Farm Intensive weekend grad and Planning Commissioner promises to stack functions and use if for personal as well as community resilience!

  7. Yes please, i Just started doing a PDC with the good folks from VEG in Melbourne, this would be a great resource πŸ™‚ keep up the good work guys!
    (I got an error, sorry if this posts twice)

  8. I would be thrilled for a copy. We are a high passion, low income family that is not only trying to undertake a permaculture redesign of our property but also to raise our children with this way of thinking and acting.

  9. I would love a copy of this book. A friend of mine got a copy from her visit to your wonderful farm and she raves about it. I have a small block but every inch is being used for our own food. I would love a copy please.

  10. We desperately need Permaculture in Kansas….I am introducing the concept and philosophy at Wichita State University tomorrow! (Hopefully they won’t want to talk just about basketball.)

  11. I would love that book. Although we have a great small space. We do not really know how to design and create what is in our heads. We try to be self sustaining but can’t put it together. That book would really help!

  12. wow good to see such a great response to this offer, we might just have a chance as a race and looking after our planet better with so many people starting to see the light & right way to live and grow, am sure the right person will get this book, the one who needs it most πŸ™‚

    I am still picking nice red tomatoes temp climate , have everything built on the north facing side of my yard but still manage to find a way even we facing south gardens to get some good crops, so never say never there is always a way πŸ™‚

  13. With a 1200 m2 urban block built on 3 years ago I’d love to expand on my knowledge to further the transformation we are undertaking from former cow paddock on black peer clay to productive, sustainable food production and habitat. I am also involved in a food production start up at a local golf course and would love to share the permaculture message with that group.

  14. Very much so, count me in! I am currently learning and trying to grow food, mostly in containers in a rental backyard. It is heaps of fun and I love absorbing all the new knowledge! I do need a lot more help and experience, though…

  15. what I meant was all the house etc is in the prime land eg north facing land so my garden is south facing, there’s a will there’s a way. happy growing all.

  16. I have been taking an 8 month Permaculture course and plan to take an advanced course this summer and get a teaching cert. I am so interested in this, I can’t get enough. It is the best way to have food security and save the plant. I would be honored to add this to my Permaculture collection.

  17. That book is on my wish list!
    Thanks for all you do, I really enjoy the posts, and, if ever I get to Australia, (for more than just a layover, where I am not allowed off the plane, yikes…) I hope very much to visit.
    Take care, and my best;
    DW Burdwood-Porter

  18. I have a rural property that my son and I dream of turning into ‘crops, chooks and a cow’ when we are able to live there again. In the mean time I’m looking to learn all I can about sustainable planting and layout, solar installation, rainwater tanks and composting. Your book sounds perfect.

  19. If I had this book I could stop borrowing it constantly from the library and then other people might see it on the shelves more often and borrow it and learn about permaculture too :-). It would seriously help transform our post house build rubble into productive wonderland. Thanks for offering this prize and sharing your knowledge.

  20. oh yes please… want to do one of your courses but between 2 fulltime shift workers living in another state it is getting very difficult… have my eye out for next years mushroom course…. want to run one in Brissie???

  21. Please pick me! I have a huge interest in all of that. But with a small child at home and a husband who travels for work, classes aren’t an option for me right now! πŸ™‚

  22. Happy Easter to everyone at Milkwood. I am spending Easter struggling with the Permaculture approach to 9 dry months then 3 months of rain in winter. Maybe this book would take me a step closer to resolving the issues of water.

  23. Thanks for posting this πŸ™‚
    I think just because you actually endorse this book and have given it a good wrap is enough for me to want to buy it.
    It’s hard to find good sources at times to learn new skills.
    You have a great path and a good website!

  24. Oh how I NEED this. I do ALOT of reading but all on the internet. I miss the feel of a real book in my hands where I can mark on the pages and use real bookmarks. And the information… Oh the my..the wealth of information here!

  25. I’d love this book! I borrowed it from the library once and LOVED it! It’s definitely the kind of book that would be useful in the bookshelf as I know I’d refer to it again and again!

  26. We’re dreaming of escaping Sydney and living sustainably on our own patch of dirt. I’m busy reading everything I can lay my hands on in preparation, so we can hit the ground running when we finally get there. This book is on my reading list but I don’t have it yet, so winning a copy would be a big help, not to mention EXCITING!

  27. Each weekend I work on my veggie garden and today I am trying to get an aquaponics set up going.. sadly have to work full time and support my adult dyspraxic son so going on the course is just a far off dream.. instead I use books to work out how to do things…so would love one!

  28. Hi I love your post they inspire me. With the help of other workers we have just set up a food garden at our community organisation for our staff disadvantaged clients. I enjoy picking produce from it to feed my self for lunch. I am now looking for property to be able to live my dream, my suburban back yard is to small for my growing aspirations to live sustainably. One day i will get to do one of your courses.

  29. Great Fan from Santa Cruz, California…wanting to co-create a similar community so I’ve been following and enjoying your growing adventures…MOST Inspired and would very much enjoy a copy to assist in the “germenation” process of my Dream Life coming into fruition *;-D Mira

  30. I follow you from Crystal Palace Transition Town, London UK where we have started a number of community gardens – an edible and another based on the principles of permaculture.. You are an inspriation and it’s fun following opposite seasons. If we could twin, we would but only over social media :-). I’d love to give a copy of your book to my dear friends Jonno and Cat up in Brisbane. They have a piece of land near the Granite Belt where they are at the start of an adventure to live sustainably.. Your book would be the perfect intoduction to Permaculture and no airmiles either. well not from the UK at least. Thank you for sharing your adventure. x

  31. We have a large yard, have been renovating, next few years….. huge learning curve as we plan and transform large yard into permaculture garden, huge need for planning ideas and instruction book to guide and inspire, to be offered one would be even nicer. I anticipate it will be well used and hopefully our garden will eventually be a good example of a permaculture garden. x

  32. I LOVE the diagrams you posted from the book. I’m just starting out my own little garden on rented property (first garden in 30 years!) and I’m doing my best to follow permaculture principles. I’m excited to begin this and dearly wish I had a way to pass on my excitement to family and friends. The diagrams and drawings I see make me want to draw my ideas in detail so that I can more easily pass them on to stimulate interest and understanding in others. Thank you for the inspiration.

  33. I used to have my own copy of this book until someone borrowed it and forgot to give it back. It’s an amazing book that stretches you mind so effectively you can’t remember how you used to think before you read it. I promise if I win a copy I will never, ever loan it to anyone!

  34. Spring is fast approaching and I would love to use some of your fantastic techniques in my garden. What a wonderful thing to give out the book. Thank you

  35. I HATE MY LAWN! I never wanted one but didn’t know what other options were out there.. This book could give me the answers I have been looking for to help me replace my lawn with other, hopefully some edible, options. Thanks!

  36. we would love a copy for our garden group and you wouldn’t even have to post it as we are visiting in a few weeks!…hope this isn’t an April fools???

  37. Yes please! This is the next step for me. As a Naturopath and Nutritionist healthy food is my passion. I now have a backyard that I could grow organic food in. I would love to permaculture the place and have a mini orchard πŸ™‚

  38. I am new to the permaculture philosophy and need a basic guide to begin a park board project on a slope of a bluff overlooking the Missouri River. It butts up against the edge of a natural forrest and sounds like the perfect solution. The small town of Weston has long been a monoculture, agrarian society since the mid 1800’s. I believe that if we begin growing an example of permaculture and create educational signs explaining it, by the time it is a producing forrest garden, the concept might catch on. It is worth a try!

  39. Would love a copy. We have just built (or still finishing off) a strawbale tiny house and have absolutely no gardens or anything yet, so we are a blank canvas and are looking get designed and planting

  40. Living here in the Canadian prairies, we have a acre and half that we have been slowly but surely changing over to a permaculture stewardship. With the “hippie” change as the villagers call it, we have developed a change in our village and especially happy to say with the young childen that attend a local school here. We know that our organic vegetable garden, our honeybees, our seven apple orchard, our grey water system, our local perennial flowers, our solar passive very green home and our full rain (lots of snow) harvest. It would be fab to have a copy of this book in our library. Cheers to all and please take a strong stand against Monsanto (it is killing us and we know it… permaculture is one of the greatest way)

  41. I’d love to have this book. Love the website and and newsletter – can’t do any courses as I’m on very limited income. Do use principles for living every way that I can. Have been a fan of Bill Mollison for a long time.

  42. Hi! I am an avid learner and fascinated by permaculture. I would love this book to be able to get started on setting up a food garden in our block! Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  43. This book is not available in bookstores in my country (Malaysia). I’ve been trying to get a free / subsidize copy of this book. (quoted price in Malaysia was USD300 – far beyond me). I only get to read part of the book at Google book online. The book would provide an invaluable resource to my community of Punan natural farmers here in Sarawak, Malaysia. Would love to get one.

  44. I would love a copy of this book so I can use it as a topic for my kids home schooling! They love growing food but we haven’t had much luck with it over the last few years πŸ™

  45. Absolutely perfect permaculture information – would love the opportunity to kickstart my100 acres at magical Rutherglen Victoria – plus I’ll actually know what Cam is telling me.
    Thanks guys!

  46. Is this open to a poor struggling Aussie who needs some help in figuring out how to survive off my own land? Coz if it is, I would dearly love your wonderful informative book! Cheers!

  47. I plant to come to several (bees and fish and permaculture, the food forest one looked sooo good!) of your courses when funds and travel work out but a copy would be very handy in the meantime!

  48. I have wanted this book for some time, but sadly it’s not in the budget. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful book. Would be a great birthday present on Wednesday πŸ™‚

  49. I homeschool my two girls and this is our fav book! We have to borrow it from the library as we dont have a copy. We are studying permaculture and aquaponics and want to teach my girls how to grow all their own food sustainably. This book is a perfect learning tool for that.

  50. i’d love a copy! i’m currently accruing overdue fees from the local library for this book… have to return it tomorrow and couldn’t renew it as someone else is waiting to read it! how awesome is that! but yup read a little into it and decided it was one we HAVE to have in our library! wow!

  51. Would love a copy I have an area all picked out ready to start and need this book for some advise – thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one….:)

  52. One of those books I keep getting out of the library, and always think, must get my own copy one day. Though right now after spending a couple of hours in a bee suit on a hot day, I’m thinking, do I really NEED a book full of more ideas about what I could / should be doing, or should I just go lie down and have a nana nap :p

  53. Am very interested in the topic of permaculture,my backyard is no longer big enough for all the projects I have in mind.every chance I get i’m either in the garden or reading about it,so this book would get read cover to cover.

  54. My hubby & I would love to receive a copy. We left city life behind & bought a 70 year old church in a small country town in central west NSW. It took 2 years to renovate it to be our home, but we have just moved in πŸ˜€
    We want to start planning our vegetable & fruit garden on our one acre plot, but we need help. This Permaculture Book would be a blessing for us.

  55. This would go a long way on our 81 acre property near Somerset Dam in Queensland, on which we are working towards being self sustaining!! We love it here and want to learn a holisictic approch to keeping the land naturally beautiful and productive! πŸ™‚

  56. Since I have recently had 2 mini strokes (October 2012) I am unable to enroll in the permaculture design course I was hoping to this spring due to financial reasons (short/long term disability doesn’t pay much) this book would have been part of it and I would love the chance to own/read it and carry on my permie path minus the PDC.

  57. I’d love a copy of this, as I’ve been following your posts, and can’t get to do a course, but want to put the concepts into practice at my place and become more self-sufficient. Even though I have a disability, I can plan, plod along, and get some of these goals achieved. Having all the ideas in one place ( book) would be more helpful also, as I keep losing the bits of paper I write the ideas on! Thanks for you site and this opportunity.

  58. In three weeks, we’ll be heading to Tassie as caretakers at Bill Mollison’s Tagari Farm for the next 5 mths hrough Winter and would love this fantastc book to help us design our new purchase of land near there.

  59. Gladly throw my hat in the ring for a chance to win a copy of this wonderful book! Have borrowed it from the library a few times, would be great to own my own. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Very generous πŸ™‚

  60. Bill Mollison was only ever available thru the library, then permaculture “courses” were unheard of. That’s why I love your site. I used to live in NSW but have now retired to tropical north Qld. I reckon if you can grow your own veges up here you’re a wizard! I have pawpaws and chilis growing like mad, all after cyclone Yasi, but anything else needs to be possum/wallaby proofed. I don’t want to “fence in” my whole backyard with wire.
    The only alternative I’ve come across is wired grow houses. Any other ideas?
    All this to say, yes I’d like a book to see if Bill has some options. Many thanks for your great site.

  61. Oh my! I really need this.. My mother is moving to a great piece of land. She is 65 yr old, retiring with a brilliant sea change…. I would love too move me and my kids up, and learn, live a new self sufficient life… This book would be a great start. X love your work.

  62. i would love a copy of this book! i am trying to spread the word about permaculture here in Greece, and it seems like an invaluable source for me to translate – premaculture is the best antidote for the crisis here!

  63. I would love a copy of this book too. I have your courses stashed away in my mind, for when children and family things allow. We have just moved into a house in the burbs, and I am trying to work out the best way to make it productive. I am sure the book be be a wonderful wealth of knowledge. If I am the very lucky one, I’d like to share it with the school kitchen garden that I am involved with, as well as our local community garden where I have a plot. Thanks guys for this and a great blog. Jo

  64. This looks like a handbook to self-reliance, building community and greening the planet..hell yes, I would love a copy to share with like minded folks! Love getting your emails and updates and finding out how things are done successfully!

  65. WE ARE ABOUT TO BUY 1.38 hectares IN SOUTHERN Finland AND MY girlfriend HAS TAUGHT ME THE VIRTUES OF PERMACULTURE. this book would be a great start on our journey

  66. hiya. what a sign to commit more to the permie side of my passions that would be. Though, i really oughtta just do it anyway πŸ™‚ thanks for your work n inspiration milkwood

  67. I follow Milkwood’s activities with great relish as we are doing similar things on a small acreage – pigs, livestock, ducks and chooks and trying to do this self sufficiency thing in a holistic way. So much of it is based on instinct about whats right but some extra ideas from the book would be such a help. Pick me please!

  68. Would love a copy of the book! We are always looking on how to improve our β€˜backyard food production space, and we do not have much material about these thinks in danish, so english is the next best <3

  69. I would love that!! I just started a PDC with the very edible garden guys in Melbourne and it would be awesome to have a copy if my own!! πŸ™‚ you guys are great!!

  70. We purchased a ‘new’ home last year on almost one half of an acre with my ultimate goal or the property for it to be a food forest, but I definitely need guidance as I have never done any Permaculture design. I recently discovered that then way I was gardening Was permaculture! Basically on accident, on purpose obviously, but I had never heard the word. Now trying to learn all I can from what resources I have, but it is time to move on to things like this book and get serous about my education! I would be most appreciative if Milkwood had a role in that :0) many thanks

  71. Hi Nick, Kirsten & family.
    My family and I have enjoyed the many posted emails from you guys.
    We’ve made many changes to our little “THEMBA” 3.29acres. On a limited budget. Much to the disbelief of our community.
    They said I wouldn’t grow anything here.
    But being inspired by your edible garden has my place looking very green at this point in time.
    We’ve fertilized,planted and worked with the humanure toilet to benefit the families needs.
    We would be honored to receive your book.
    As we missed your last open field day at Milkwood, we certainly won’t be missing the next one.
    We look forward to getting the next updates.
    Please, keep them coming : )
    Thanks heaps guys.

  72. I stand in the line and hope it’s my lucky day. I’d like the book to go to my daughter, whos is together with her partener planning to build a home in a sustainable way. Sweden

  73. Me too – I read your posts and would love to do one of your courses to help us on our Hunter Valley property, but they are so expensive – perhaps I can start learning from the book …….

  74. Hello,
    My sister shared the Milkwood farm with me and I enjoy the ideas on facebook updates.
    I discovered Permaculture on youtube about 6 years ago at the age of 15. Watched every good video available on the subject and read books at the library. From there I tried composting, raising chickens, and vegetable gardening for four years. I’m now 21, studying at a fine art atelier and living in a shared apartment in Florence, Italy. Still collect kitchen scraps and am attempting a compost pile in the parking lot behind the building. Since I don’t have planting space, have sprouted squash seeds and guerrilla planting them in my neighborhood. After finishing at school here, my goal is get my PDC in Tasmania (or somewhere nearby) and learn Permaculture Design to the best of my abilities. I would love the chance to read this book in depth!
    Thank you, Evanny

  75. Please put me in the drawing! I am so grateful for your posts. I have learned so much and shared much with others. However, I am in the USA, which would add a bunch of postage, so if by some chance I win, please send the book to richrown (comment #7 above) to help with his youth project. Thanks! How delightful that you are getting so many comments this way! Hope you are enjoying the glow of knowing how many people are actually reading your blog and have been inspired by your work! Kudos! And thank you!!!

  76. I want it. I went to buy it at amazon but it was too expensive and I went with a cheaper alternative that wasn’t by Bill Mollison. But I want a Bill Mollison book. Pleeeeeeeease. πŸ™‚

  77. Please add me to your drawing! I live in Kansas in the middle of industrial agriculture. Learning all that I can about more sustainable practices and hoping to influence others. Thank you!! Love your site!!!

  78. I love your blog: it gives me a chance to pause in my office-job workday and fantasize about a more connected existence. I also get tons of inspiration for applying your methods and experiments on my small urban plot. From everything I’ve read here and elsewhere, this book is the original authority and a must-have for permaculture in practice. It’s been on my wishlist for some time because it’s a bit of an investment. I’d love the chance to win a copy! Thanks much for all you do!!!

  79. Does this relate to australia only or would it apply to cold wisconsin? I’d love to read it and then pass it along to the next person on the list. We could make a chain all over the world. Everyone could sign it.what do you think?

  80. In a couple of weeks we move into our own home, in which I hope to build a productive garden full of food for our family. I’d love to win this book! But if not, I guess I can reintroduce myself to the library. πŸ™‚

  81. Gosh so many people ..even from Wisconsin.! We are not from Wisconsin but enjoy the blog and wonder how you have the time to do it so often,thank you for all your writings i have a feeling this blog will grow and grow.

  82. I love reading your blogs each day and following your tremendous progress and efforts at Milkwood. I came across you guys and my gentle intro to Permaculture through RegenAg. I have done courses with Joel Salatin and Kirk Gadzia. I’d LOVE a copy of this book to assist me to improve the productivity and visual stimulation of my teeny backyard!
    Thanks for all the great work you do sharing information, knowledge and most importantly, you experiences πŸ˜€

  83. My name is Erin and I’m a sophomore in college, currently studying urban agriculture in Landscape Architecture… I’m helping a school for gifted children design a permaculture garden! This book would be a lovely resource.

  84. Hope you have a big dice, lots of comments=lots of people read your newsletters which are great! any copies of the full permaculture book. Appreciate the oppourtunity, Cheers Peter

  85. I’ve always wanted to do a Permaculture course, but the price, distance and leaving children behind have always hindered me. A copy of the book would be wonderful.

  86. Last night i realised an important thing that i had never thought before – the earth is like playdoh. Over the course of 20years one can actually develop any landscape that they are inspired by – by digging, dumping, moving, planting – and best thing is, the earth will grow and live. I love that idea. It means that the universe comes to you where you are exactly right now. One doesnt need to go traveling to exotic shores or spend lots of money getting a mortgage because it is near the coast or because it looks relaxing – if one committs and roots oneself in the landscape any plane can become anything. thats amasing! BIG LOVE Kelly jones

  87. And the dice rolls….
    This would be a much appreciated and inspiring addition to my new acreage in Olinda NSW. I hope to get along to one of your courses some time soon.
    Following the dream.

  88. Bungalow Community Garden is at the beginning of it’s existance. This book would set us on the right path in planning the garden as well as in physically implementing the design. Our community is so diverse, isolated individuals, older people, refugees, migrants, young couples, kids, homeless youth all in an inner suburb of Cairns, Qld. Many need the healing of gardening, the wonderful feeling of creation and many need the companionship gardening provides as well as the nutrition from fresh fruit and vegetables. We all have so much to learn, about gardening, from gardening and from each other. It is an exciting journey.

  89. Hi Milkwoodies,
    Thanks again for hosting the great Dave Jacke intensive course- Loved it so much! I’m throwing my hat in the ring for this one. Was talking to my daughters preschool teacher this morning about their vege patch. She has to go in for an operation soon and is worried about what will become of the garden while she is away. I told her about sowing some green manure for the time she is away and she is very interested. I’d love to give her this book and a packet of the green stuff. Figure it might make some good recuperative reading and she can return full of permacultural ideas to share with the kidlies- gettem while they’re young I say! So come on dice- roll my way (;

  90. This would be an absolute gem to have a copy of. We try to use permaculture principals in our suburban home and this would help us on our way ( and the fact that it’s ALWAYS out at our local library ). πŸ™‚ Thanks

  91. reply to 295 a yazz hot-beeswax bac-crop….. urm like u know hot wax n flat tops!

    Milkwoodians I’d love to read the divinity of permaculture if my number gets drawn fro the hay stack πŸ˜€

  92. Introduction to Permaculture would so help me to get my 3/4 acre patch into some sort of productive heaven. Ahhhh. I need all the help I can get!! πŸ™‚

  93. Ohhh yes please! That would be so lovely πŸ™‚

    I ate the last of my (blanched then frozen) Milkwood beans last night that I bought from the popup shop a couple weeks ago… please send more produce to the city! I can’t get enough of it! X

  94. Please pick me! I have just moved onto land and need to learn how to rehab the burnt landscape along with where to start my self sustaining garden!!

  95. We are just embarking on our permaculture adventure, trying to read as much as possible and would LOVE a copy of this book to help us get started! (We are finding it hard to find an introductory course in Melbourne area…if anyone knows of any short courses happening May/June/July? We can’t quite afford the PDC just yet)

  96. This is one way to get a lot of comments. It is great to see that at least this many are prepared to make a comment after reading this blog post. Great to see such a large following Kirsten and Nick. You must be doing something right.

  97. Oh, yes. I would love a copy of this book. Been wanting this book for some time but just have not got around to getting it and I am also hoping to do one of your courses soon… Love your ideas! This is our future.

  98. We are travelling Australia in a caravan and dreaming of finding our own little part to settle and make a home using permaculture concepts. I have been reading permaculture books in libraries all over Australia and keep referring back to this one when there is something I come across and I need a bit of help understanding! My hubbie and I have learnt a lot and have been able to explain a few things to our children that we honestly did not know anything about two years ago. We have been house sitting for people all over the place who are striving to be a bit more self sufficient or are energy conscious and environmentally aware. It is fantastic to see!! We would love a copy!

  99. Wow! So many replies!
    Of course I too would love to win. Reason being that I want to introduce this stuff to my dad’s farm. He’s much more likely to flick through a book than to read the stuff that I print off from the internet.

    now, how will you choose??

  100. Doing great things at milkwood guys, love to get up there one day but long way from kangaroo island, keep up the good work and i,d love a copy of the book.

  101. Oops every buddy want to be a winner great!!!
    I will say please pick me because I am the pioneer of Permaculture in Pakistan. This book will help me and my friends to develop our modle Farm in Pakistan.


  102. Hello !!! A copy of this magnificent book would be amazing . It is not for me , but for a beautiful lady with a heart of gold . She sent me your web page as it is something we are both very interested in. The book for her , would just be something else !!!
    Have a brilliant day πŸ™‚

  103. THANKYOU MILKWOODAVERSE! Wow what an amazing response – so, so good to see so many people are into this knowedge! The dice (ok the random number generator, i don’t have dice this big) said 8 + 295 so I’ve contacted those commenters.

    Wish we had enough intro books for you all! Stay tuned for the next round and thanks again for your support πŸ™‚

  104. We are moving our community garden(Ridgway Community Garden, ridgway CO ) this year and I would love to have your book to help us in thinking through all the details. We are at a little over 7000 ft. with a short growing season but have had great production in our current location. Sadly, the landlord wants the property back…sigh, progress. You guys are the Best!

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