Crop planning with post-it notes. And moving that Greenhouse…

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Last weekend we held our annual Spring Market Garden Masterclass down at Allsun Farm, with the unstoppable forces that are Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane.

This long weekend is always something akin to diving into Joyce + Mike’s heads, and into the crunchy whirlwind that is a small, diverse ‘garden farm’. Here’s a little of what we got up to… 

1309 MGM 023



1309 MGM 025
I loved cooking here. You want veggies for a big soup? You go pick ’em. Simple.

1309 MGM 026

1309 MGM 027
Mr Michael Plane

1309 MGM 028

1309 MGM 029

1309 MGM 030
Crop rotation exercise with sticky notes, and pears

1309 MGM 031

1309 MGM 032

1309 MGM 022

1309 MGM 035

1309 MGM 034

And then we moved a greenhouse to the next bed. Heave-ho…

1309 MGM 036

1309 MGM 037

1309 MGM 038

1309 MGM 039

1309 MGM 040

1309 MGM 041

1309 MGM 042

You can read a bit about the theory behind movable greenhouses here, and more about Allsun Farm here.

You should also check out Allsun’s website which sells the best hand-farming tools and electric netting around…

>> More articles and resources on Market Gardening here…

A big thanks to the amazing bunch of students that came along, It was lovely to meet you all. Please stay in touch about your growing projects! 


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