Visiting a hillside Backyard Permaculture in Hobart…

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This place! These people! Recently I was lucky enough to hang out at Good Life Permaculture’s HQ, based in a backyard in the hills high above Hobart, Tasmania.

Hannah and Anton are busy turning a steeply sloping backyard into a patch of edible awesome – complete with veggie beds, food forests, chooks, ducks and bees…  

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Hannah joins us regularly up on the mainland as part of the teaching team for our Permaculture Design Courses both at Milkwood Farm and in Sydney, so it was so great to get a feel for her beautiful home turf.

This home is a tribute to early-stage urban permaculture – so many little touches that point towards living lightly in the everyday.

I say early -stage, because Hannah and Anton have been in this house just over a year. Can you believe it?

I can’t wait to see what they do with more time on their side… thanks heaps for having me guys (and sorry Anton that I didn’t get an un-blurry photo of you  – curses).

Say hello to Good Life Permaculture here

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17 responses to “Visiting a hillside Backyard Permaculture in Hobart…

  1. Wow – looks like there’s so much to love about this little Tassie treasure! The edible landscape, the view, the hot pink house…. absolutely gorgeous!!! 🙂

  2. The site looks amazing and done with such beauty. Unbelievable what they have created in just a year. Massive credit to Hannah & Anton..

  3. Wow. Just wow. It’s great when a pleasing aesthetic has substance to it. Such is permaculture design. Lushness is the sum of stacking and companion planting, integration rather than segregation, and leads to a yield without the need of external inputs. There is beauty in this logic, despite the visual beauty evident in its physical extension.

  4. hey Anton and Hannah,

    Soooo good to see your face(s)!

    Your new space looks great.

    (Stayed with yall back in 2008)

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