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Hey great news – Australia has it’s very own, brand-spanking new Permaculture Magazine. It’s called Pip, and we love it.

Pip is going to come out twice a year (to begin with) and offer a stack of info as well as glimpses into fabulous permaculture gardens, projects, people and more…

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As well as being a lovely read (on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, of course), Pip also has the potential to be a powerful and central point of independent news, innovation and resources for the Australian permaculture community.

Well worth supporting then, wouldn’t you say?

At the moment, the easiest way to get your hands on a copy of Pip is to Subscribe online.

However Pip are also looking for outlets all over Australia, so if you know somewhere that should stock the funkiest new little mag in town, hassle them till they get it in. Thanks.

Oh and also, the word on the street is that all members of Permaculture Australia will now get Pip as part of their annual subscription, so there’s a way of supporting two great permaculture initiatives at once.

Or, if you want the full permaculture experience, you could do one of our Permaculture Design Courses. Why? Because as part of our fair share charter we now sign all our PDC grads up to Permaculture Australia.

Which means that if you do a Permaculture Design Course with us, you’ll not only emerge with an excellent permaculture design skillset, but also a subscription to Pip mag! Huzzah.

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** Addition! From the Pip crew:  just a note that Pip Magazine is produced by the community, for the community. It’s everybody’s magazine! If you have some ideas for an article, please email us. (See the Contact section on the website.)

 Other great Permaculture Mags around the world:

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  • Alacoque

    It looks gorgeous too!

  • http://www.embassyofsustainability.com.au Karen Dahl

    thank you, it’s brilliant!

  • http://neverboredmisspip.wordpress.com Miss Pip

    Well I just love the name! What a stylish publication.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mluthi69 Matt Luthi

    just subscribed!

  • http://malleepermie.wordpress.com Paul – Permie (soon to be) from the Mallee

    Thanks for the write up Kirsten. We’re glad you love it.

    If I can add one thing for your readers: Pip Magazine is produced by the community, for the community. It’s everybody’s magazine! If you have some ideas for an article, please email us. (See the “Contact” section on the website.)

    • http://milkwood.net Kirsten

      aha i will add that to the article

  • http://juliemaloney.blogspot.com.au/ Julie Maloney@Country Living by the Sea

    I am sitting here waiting for the postie to hopefully deliver mine today. It is raining and I want to get it before it gets wet. Hurry up postman.

  • http://rhondaayliffe.blogspot.com/ ronnie

    fantastic isn’t it?! – yay for robyn who has worked her little permie fingers off to get this over the line – all of us on the far south coast are mighty proud of her and the mag she’s developed

  • http://aregenerationnation.wordpress.com Regenerating Nations

    Congratulations! I look forward to it gaining momentum. I was part of permaculture Melbourne but thing my subscription lapsed. I’d tweet it but don’t see a link. I’ll post it on my FB page as well as reblog this :)

  • http://rabidlittlehippy.wordpress.com rabidlittlehippy

    I got mine the other day and not only is it recycled paper but the envelope is too! I knew INSTANTLY what it was. How awesome is that! Trying desperately to find the time (3 kids under 6) to sit and enjoy magazine and a cup of organic fair trade BOP tea with it. :)

  • Dylan

    Am waiting patiently for the online version to become available as that is even more ethical..!

  • http://appletreefox.wordpress.com Alicia