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The Greenhorns and Joel Salatin in Gerringong

July 22, 2011 | Community Projects, Farming, Off-Farm goings on | 12 comments | Author:

The night before our workshop with Joel Salatin at Jamberoo, there’s going to be an awesome evening. It’s the Australian premiere of The Greenhorns, a new and funky film on young farmers. And Joel Salatin will be there, slurping soup and talking farming.

The Greenhorns is a great new film we discovered recently and have brought to Australia. It’s  made by young farmers, for young farmers, and for young wanna-be farmers. The Greenhorns tells it like it is: farming is hard work, a super worthy cause, and the ultimate in rebellion in the face of our current food system.

Joel Salatin with one of Polyface Farm’s egg laying systems. Simple, ethical and doable food production.

When: 1st August, Doors open at 5:30pm

Where: Gerringong Town Hall, Gerringong NSW

Includes presentation by Joel Salatin, a screening of The Greenhorns, and tastes of Illawarra local produce.

Tickets : $15 or $10 concession – ticket price includes film and light supper. Bookings are essential, as places are limited.

To reserve your place, please call the Kiama Council booking line on 4232 0400.

The Greenhorns also have a really excellent website. Okay *I know* it’s American and not Australian, but, apart from being a great film, the way they’ve approached things in terms of resources and networking is seriously inspiring.

And a lot of their resources hold true no matter what western first-world country you live in, so have a good browse.

One last plug for our Joel Salatin workshop that will happen the following day on Aug 2nd. It’s going to be a truly inspiring experience. We hope to see you there.

Joel Salatin is appearing at this event courtesy of Milkwod Permaculture, as part of our Fair Share Policy. Joel’s Australian 2011 tour is happening through RegenAG. Many thanks to Rebecca Bogie at Wollongong Council, Slow Food Saddleback and everyone else who’s contributing to what will be an awesome event.

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  • eremophila

    I’ve passed this info onto another who networks, very inspiring thank you!
    Wish I could be there.

    • milkwoodkirsten

      many thanks!

  • donnahuebsch

    I was trying to figure out why Joel Salatin was a familiar name and realized I had favorited a quote of his that someone put on Twitter: “People need to rediscover their kitchens, eat seasonally & relearn domestic culinary arts”. I’m not a farmer, but would love to support local farmers as opposed to the Monsantos of the world.

  • Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

    Looks like a fantastic evening! Great work bringing this film to Oz. We had the pleasure of hearing Joel speak at Mudgee last year and would love to catch him again. It’s a bit of a hike from the Blue Mountains to Gerringong but we’ll try to get down there for this one if there are any places left. We’ll post it on our blog and the Permies network up here too!

    • milkwoodkirsten

      Please do! Cheers, Daniel :)

      • milkwoodkirsten

        Oh and I should add that we’re hoping to screen The Greenhorns in Sydney and also Mudgee soon-ish, once we recover from the Joel-athon.

  • Darren (Green Change)

    I’ve booked my spot – see you there!

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  • Olivier Sofo

    Hi all, I am super excited to be going along on Tuesday and was just putting out the feelers for anyone who is heading down from sydney and has a spare spot in their car/truck/vehicle? It would be much appreciated.
    cheers, Olvier

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  • Thomas MacConchie

    Thanks for the post. I thought you might enjoy my recent article:

    Feedback is more than welcome.

    thank you,


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