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Recently I had the good fortune to meet up with Jasmine Whyte and Sangye Christianson, who together are the permaculture tour-de-force {communicatecreative}.

Together they create visual and video resources relating to valuable knowledge, like soil makeup. And companion planting. And green smoothies.

Copyleft communicatecreative
Copyleft communicatecreative
Copyleft communicatecreative
Copyleft communicatecreative
Copyleft communicatecreative

Over a simple lunch of home-made saurkraut, greens and cheese on walnut toast, Jasmine, Sangye and I chatted about the nature of information and the nature of ownership in relation to permaculture. It got me thinking. About many different things.

It was really excellent to meet two young permaculture doers who are dedicating themselves to creating and distributing useful and needful information in as graphic and tantalizing a format as possible, just because they can. And they should!

You can check out their work on their facebook page

In stark contrast to the style of the above diagrams, the only photo i took of Jasmine and Sangye that day is rather ordinary. Oh well. Anyway, here they are, putting up a bamboo tent platform at Djanbung Gardens. Yay Jasmine + Sangye! Keep your fires burning…

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  1. Hi I’am a Master Gardener in Oregon I will be teaching a class on “Companion Gardening ” and im interested in your posters as teaching tools . How can I get these or similar ones for my students .

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