Impossible delicious: Sourdough Spelt Croissants

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Yes, you heard that right. Croissants made on sourdough starter (ie no yeast), using white spelt flour. It’s possible! And what is more, they’re ridiculously delish.

Rose made these at Milkwood Farm during a quiet week recently, and they were all things that croissants should be, but better. Especially with plum jam… home-made heaven.

To make these croissants, Rose used her trusty sourdough starter (from which springs all the bread baked on this farm), flour, and a lot of butter. Croissants are not (apparently) as fiddly to do as you might first think.

There’s quite a few stages, but if it’s all done on a separate bench in phases during a day of other cooking projects, then it’s not a big deal. Again, apparently (I was part of the eating team, rather than the making team. I did my job well).

The recipe Rose used was adapted from this FANTASTIC book by Yoke Mardewi:

>> Sourdough – from pastries to gluten free wholegrain breads

Sooo much goodness in here. Click to enlarge.

Yoke Mardewi is based in Perth WA and has a great website at

We got this croissant recipe from her second book, but her first book, Wild Sourdough, is also excellent and makes the whole world of experimental sourdough beyond white/brown/rye loaf land seem quite achievable in the home kitchen. Huzzah for user friendly wild ferment.

Rose’s sourdough croissants. Too soon a memory…

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  • Tom Bachant

    I am not normally interested in croissants. But all that has changed after seeing these! They look really nice.

    And thanks for the book recommendation.

  • Maggie Walters


  • Tricia Luck

    I have done a course with Yoke and her recipes work beautifully. Great and generous teacher

  • Nam-Ha Quach

    They look amazing!

  • andrew garton (@freq_ghost)

    I am seriously into this! Excellent…

  • bangormarket

    These look not only delicious but fresh too

  • kay keen

    these look very good, thanks for sharing kay

  • Charles Hamilton

    Looks great mate. Are you going to post the recipe as well?

    • milkwoodkirsten

      er, not really, as it’s from a book and i’m a bit reticent to share it without Yoke’s permission… but the book is worth getting! :L

      • Charles Hamilton

        I would have thought as long as it is sourced it should not be a problem.

      • Charles Hamilton

        No worries Kirsten, it is our local library – the Gold Coast has a brilliant library collection.

  • Matilda

    Hi, these look absolutely fantastic! Is there any possibility of getting a sneak peek at the recipe?

  • Carol Spencer

    Will you post Roses adapted recipe please so I can make these?

  • compostcorner

    It must be just that time of year when we all go a bit ga-ga over pastry… Linda posted a sourdough croissant recipe with step-by-step piccies a week or two ago at Can’t make them here – would eat far too many!!

  • Kaz

    I have just started making my own sourdough breads from my own wild s/d starter I made.. This is soooo tempting to try now – thanks so much. And for hte book link – I myself am gluten free and have tried sourdough starter g/f without successs – looks like I can get some ideas from this book! great!!

  • Carol Spencer

    Thanks compsotcorner.I checked out your link…but I would still like to get this Roses adapted recipe before I get he book..I am thinking she would use MORE Spelt flour as it seems to absorb H2O less than whole wheat or white.

  • Lynda Maree

    I’m definitely going to make these. Yoke’s book is fantastic & anyone interested in Sourdough in all it’s forms should have it in their kitchen! I am baking Rye Sourdough today… YUM!