Farm journal: mushrooms, bacon & ladybirds

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This last week at Milkwood Farm we’re kicking into the swing of Spring, and welcoming new crew to the Farm. There was a Mushroom Cultivation course held, and much home-cured, home grown, nitrate-free bacon consumed (I cannot tell you the ballpark of yum this equates to. Let’s just say alot).

The Cima di Rapa is growing great guns, though the peas are taking their sweet time. There’s ladybugs out in force, not nearly enough rain, and many bees a-buzzing. At night we dream of load-bearing strawbale reciprocating roof structures, and read about weeds.

Making compost down the market garden…
We’re officially harvesting all salad greens from the kitchen garden beds now – Michael has packed them out with goodness
Meanwhile in Sydney, the Mulberry we planted 3 years back during a permablitz is finally fruiting. Sampling with Seedsaver Michel Fanton
Costa in conversation with the Seed Savers (Michel + Jude Fanton) at 107 Redfern St – a great convo followed by various seed swappings – lovely night
Seed saving 101 workshop at Alexandria Park Community Garden – lots of goodness gleaned, from everyone involved
Jude Fanton of The Seedsavers taking students through seed ID exercises
Hot off the press! Adam + Annie’s new book. It is wonderful. Click image to go to and grab a copy
Simultaneously at the farm – Mushroom cultivation course! With heaps of take-home mushroom growing goodies for students.
Students filling bags with sterilized straw and grain spawn – at this time of year, we can expect pearl oysters to be fruiting from these bags in a few weeks…
The Floydster whipping up 50 shiitake logs – Floyd Constable is an awesome former intern who has just moved to Milkwood Farm with his wife Gigi to develop a range of complimentary animal / mushroom / who-knows-what enterprises – yay Floyd and Gigi!
What happened to the pigs. George (or maybe Pepper’s) eye in the pigs head soup, as we start honoring our former piggies with nose-to-tail creativity. Darn fine soup by Rose.
Ladybugs on the Cima di Rapa (Italian sprouting Brassica)… no chemicals in this here market garden…
Rose’s amazing home-made, nitrate-free bacon, created from our recently finished pigs. No words. Current wwoofer Isaaco is happy to be the taster…

Thanks to all the fabulous people we came across this last week – we hope to share some bacon (or maybe just Cima di Rapa) with you soon…

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  1. I have the Weed Foragers Handbook, and it is fantastic. I have read a lot of it now. It really gives you to confidence to go eat weeds, and wow, so many common weeds in my own backyard are edible! They have done a great job, and it is a nice small size, so handy for keeping in your backpack or bag!

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