A DIY vertical garden

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1303 pipes - 1

No room to grow? Your options for vertical gardens are expanding by the day. Some are big, and some are small, some blend in, and some stand out. Like this one.

Here’s a funky little home growing project by the crew behind Calanthe Artisian Loft, a homestay in Melaka, Malaysia… 

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Joe Ng Kim Chew with his vertical vegetables garden at Calanthe Artisan Loft
Joe Ng Kim Chew with his vertical harvest at Calanthe Artisan Loft

This particular system is watered manually, according to artist Joe Ng Kim Chew, and employs the piping system as a structure only. Given that they get 2 meters of rain a year in Melaka, that sounds like a good plan to us.

In Australia, the vertical pots-in-pipes systems like this that I’ve seen use the piping as a passive watering system also, but with our lower rainfall, that makes sense.

Imagine if more city walls were covered in vibrant little DIY growing systems like these…

>> More posts on DIY solutions for Urban Growing…

1303 pipes - 1

Photos above by Calanthe Artisian Loft, discovered via Eats, Roots and Shoots…. 

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  • http://rabidlittlehippy.wordpress.com rabidlittlehippy

    Available in white for the subtle approach and multicoloured for some zing, they’re perfect for everywhere. Imagine if every blank wall had this kind of wall art!

  • Fritz

    This looks like an art project. Is it actually working?

    • http://milkwood.net milkwoodkirsten

      from the harvest photos, i’d say yes, it’s working 😉

  • http://lifeasmaddi.wordpress.com maddinaish

    Wonder if I could persuade my parents to make this work on the side of our house…. oh wait, we live in England, things don’t grow the way you ask them to 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/marko.kulik Marko Kulik

    That’s very clever!!! and cool! Fab idea!

  • http://estagiositiodosherdeiros.blogspot.com.br/ alexandre panerai

    beautiful vertical garden! parabens!

  • Gueza Chavez

    sorry to be negative, but it doesn’t look too lush or productive. Can we please have a photo of it when the plants are larger?

    • http://milkwood.net milkwoodkirsten

      that’s all we’ve got, sorry! I believe they harvested soon after the last pic and then started again. Feel free to make a lusher one :)