Seed Circus: 5 May: Sydney

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Roll up, roll up! Do you want to learn about seed saving? Or foraging for edible weeds?

Do you want to swap your way from a scarf to chilli sauce? How about swapping your way from bean seeds to bicycle parts, via seed potatoes? 

Join us at the inaugural Seed Circus – a day of learning, swapping, eating and meeting interesting people. Come when you like. Go when you must. Chomp on free organic popcorn inbetween, and learn to make seedballs while you’re there…

Free workshop schedule will be released shortly… in the meantime, texta in the date and start amassing your seeds, sauce and other swappables. Everyone welcome.

This event is part of Milkwood’s Fair Share and is also a part of International Permaculture Day….

if you’re too far flung to attend the Seed Circus, check out the Permaculture Day website with what is happening in your hood…

We hope to see y’all there!

Poster by the delicious and incredible FarmRun – you know, the crew who made those exquisite Farmstead Meatsmith videos…

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  • David

    Can’t make this one, Manchester UK to Sydney is a bit far for a nice day out..LoL. When do you anticipate doing the next one?

    Hope it’s all well with the family.

  • heather krcha

    I so love this and dearly wish we could attend!! I hope it’s wonderful and I will be thinking of y’all stateside 🙂


    Heather Krcha 816.806.5106

  • fraseroldmillroad

    OOO is this the day after the TedX thing? I think we’ll make the trip! Very Nice poster. X

    • Wanna present a workshop? Braiding garlic? 🙂

      • fraseroldmillroad

        Ha, I’m not that skilful and theres no long stem garlic around here to practice on, it’s all in the ground apart from the winter store. What else?

  • Steph Medway

    I really get a little thrill when I hear your email come thru. I so enjoy your daily posts at 6am. Luv what u do, freely promoting the ethics of Permaculture, your skills and activities. Great story… all the best to you and family and crew. 🙂

  • I LOVE your poster…..did you design it?
    Sorry can’t be there as this would be the most beautiful birthday celebration to nourish my soul and senses 🙂
    I’ve been collecgting, bagging and labelling echinacea, yellow dutch iris, fennel, garlic chives, apples, pears, quinces and basil over past couple of weeks and I feel very satisfied gazing upon all this stored energy……quietly waiting to be unleashed when we move to the farm.
    Love, laughing and local feasting to everyone,

  • allen

    Hi like my other friend in UK , I am in Mauritius and very far and wished I could follow the workshop. Keep it up .


  • Oh MAN I wish I lived on the mainland 🙁

  • wonderful! Looking forward to it. I have some lovely winter seeds to swap, far too many for me to use.

  • Fantastic! Will be there. Thanks.

  • Constanza

    What an awesome project. Have lots of seeds but I think it’s illegal to mail overseas. Blessings.

  • This sounds awesome! Count me in!